Interview with Model Aissata Diallo

Aissata Diallo earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology degree at the age of 19. She enjoys taking pictures, being in fashion shows, and acting. Diallo has partaken in these events during her college career and claims she enjoys doing such more than anything. Aissata provided Filthy Lucre with some insight into her life. 

How did your career launch?

I never intentionally started my modeling career, it just happened for me. Long story short, I took test photos with a photographer that went viral on tumblr, and the rest was history. The more shoots I did, the more exposure I got, and the more followers I gained. With a big following, came social media influencing. Something that started as just a fun hobby for me turned into a brand, a platform, and extra sources of income.

What is it like being an Instagram model?

Well what is an instagram model? Am I merely an instagram model? I am signed and represented by a modeling agency, I’m not sure if that still makes me an Instagram model.

What other projects or passions do you have going on?

I am currently in school, pursuing my Masters of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration. I have a passion for healthcare and I ultimately want to give back and open a health center in Guinea.

Give us a rundown of a typical day in your life.

It depends on the day. I dedicate mon-fri for work (school related and modeling related) and have my weekends for my social life. If I have a shoot, I pretty much wake up and spend my entire day on set, come back home to eat and rest. If I don’t have a shoot, I’d be using my time to study for class and get some work done. All in all, I always try to find ways to be productive, I do not like sitting around and not doing anything.

How do you deal with negative comments and haters?

Fortunately for me, about maybe 99% of my interactions are positive. I think maybe because I am not THAT popular, I don’t really have trolls following me. Furthermore, there’s an option on Instagram where you can automatically block offensive comments, and yes mine is on. I simply don’t have time for negativity. And the 1% who might be negative, are blocked, so really there’s no interaction. Not entertaining it, nope.

Do you follow a specific diet or workout regimen?

I do not follow a specific diet, I pretty much eat anything on sight (thank God for my fast metabolism). I used to workout at least 4 times a week. However, once I started my graduate course, I simply did not have time. I do plan on getting back to that lifestyle

What is your advice to aspiring models?

For any aspiring artists and entrepreneurs out there, I’ll say this: Research, research, and research! Research what it is that you want to do, take notes, and apply with a touch of YOU. Because in this oversaturated industry, you have to STAND OUT. You have to be able to Master your craft. Lastly, build your portfolio, invest in yourself, promote yourself, and go to castings (if you want be a model or actress) and reach out to brands (if you want to be an influencer).

How do you feel about in-genuine content being posted on social media, as so many people are being paid to promote?

I think it sucks. To have an audience and have people looking up to you, and for you to promote stuff that you do not believe in sucks. I personally, do not partake in that. There’s so many more ways to make an honest living without having to sell false hope. For example, there’s this popular tea brand that constantly reaches out to me for promotion. However, I do not believe in the product, and I naturally have a flat stomach. It wouldn’t be right nor ethical for me to promote the tea.

How has the social space changed your career?

For one, it opened many doors for me. I was able to network and connect with people, create content, and get paid. Furthermore, I’ve been able to inspire and motivate many individuals. It’s been great!

How does it feel to be influential to other people?

Kind of goes hand in hand with the previous question; I love having people look to me for advice, products, and opinion. They trust me to share with them, and I think that’s awesome.

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