Mickey Rourke to be Crimson Dynamo in Iron Man 2

The comeback of Mickey Rourke, which I first blogged about nearly a year ago, is in full swing.   Not only is he the leading contender for the Golden Globe, and the best bet for the Oscar, but now comes the good part… the money movie.  

And you don’t get much more money than Iron Man 2.   It appears that Mickey Rourke may be joining fellow “shit now together” actor, Robert Downey Jr., in the Iron Man sequel.   Jon Favreau  will start filming this year, so we should know for certain soon.

Mickey Rourke would be playing Crimson Dynamo, the Russian bad-guy version of Iron Man, which is even more menacing than Puntin rearing his head toward Sarah Palin.   I think this is a great role for Rourke.   Anyone who has seen Angel Heart has known for decades that Rourke can act, and he certainly has the build for a super-villain.  

I can’t help but wonder about the idea of Mickey Rourke as Bane in Batman 3.   I would say that Mickey Rourke looks like he could break Christian Bale’s back.  

On the down side, this may be the death knell for Rourke being in Sin City 2.   That would be a shame because I thought he did the best job in the film.   Marv had the best lines, and Rourke delivered them perfectly.   I would like to personally ask Mickey to follow up on the role.  

Now I really have to find a theatre playing The Wrestler.   I have been dying to see this film for a year now.  

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