Michelle Schrenker, Marcus Schrenker Wife

Update: Michele Schrenker files for divorce and custody of three kids.  Click here for story and pics.

There has been some interest stirred up online about the wife of Marcus Schrenker, Michelle Schrenker.   Some of it it because of what some call the “douchiest photo in history” with Marcus and Michelle Schrenker.

As you may know, Marcus is on the run after a botched attempt to fake his own death.   The more I see this guy, the more I don’t like him.   Looking at the picture, he does look like a douchebag, and his trophy wife looks like… well a trophy wife.  

It will be interesting to see what happens when they finally bust Marcus.   Their assets have already been seized, and now all that awaits is his prison sentence.   But don’t worry Marcus, I’m sure the hot blond that has her picture taken with your Lexus and airplane is in the marriage for better or worse.   She doesn’t strike me as a gold digger anymore than you strike me as a douchebag.  

Only a matter of time before we see nude pictures of Michelle Schrenker, or a Marcus and Michelle Schrenker sex tape.  

Update: Marcus Schrenker has been arrested.  It looks like he is trying to make it look like he’s suicidal.  


    • Geoff, thanks for the comment. I agree. When I saw the picture, I thought it was a good example of what we consider important in the world. I bet when he took that photo, he sent it around to show everyone how awesome he was. But in the end, it was all based on lies.

      He has lost everything. And I’m guessing the things he valued most (cars, hot wife, airplane) and not going to be missed nearly as much as the things he took for granted (freedom and respect).

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