Michela Griffin goes to jail

Pahrump, NV — Twenty-eight year old Michaela Griffin left her three children, ages 8, 6 and 2 with her live-in boyfriend when she went to work. Now the 16 year old boyfriend is being charged with attempted murder and child abuse with substantial bodily harm. Michaela is being charged with three counts of felony child abuse, as this isn’t the first time that the under age boyfriend has harmed one of her kids. Some 16 year olds might be responsible enough to babysit, but this one wasn’t one of them.

The teen confessed that he got ‘irritated’ when the 2 year old bit him while he was helping the toddler brush his teeth. After the toddler bit him, he hit the child in the forehead with his hand, throwing him into the corner where the child hit his head on the bathtub, then he strangled the toddler. Meanwhile, a 14-year old friend was in another room playing video games.

Instead of calling 911 from the phone in the apartment, the older teen left the unresponsive child and the other children with the younger teen while he went to a neighbor’s apartment. When the police came, the 16 year old had convinced the 14 year old to tell them that the child fell in the bathtub. The 14 year old is being charged with accessory to child abuse for covering for his friend.

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