Michael Kelly is a bad grandfather

In Manatee County a man by the name of Michael Kelly was found out by diary entries that his seven year old granddaughter made in her diary. The story started with Kelly’s wife finding the diary and reading a few of the entries. She didn’t find out about what the little girl was doing at school or even when she was with friends, instead Mr. Kelly’s wife read about how the little girl and her father would engage in oral sex and even watch pornography together.

Luckily, Kelly’s wife is an honest person and turned her husband in to authorities. The man admitted to police that he had in fact engaged in these activities with his seven year old granddaughter, but sighted the fact that his granddaughter is very “aggressive” and “persistent” and that she was the one who actually initiated the sexual contact. Michael Kelly has since been arrested and was charged with sexual battery, lewd and lascivious molestation and exhibition, soliciting a minor, and showing a minor an obscene movie. Reports indicate that no one in the family had any idea that Kelly was molesting the little girl and she has since begun counseling to help sort through the psychological aspects of her experiences.

Filthy Lucre plant resources:

Eriogonum gracilipes S. Watson

Allium anceps Kellogg

Fleischmannia sonorae (A. Gray) King & H. Rob.

Alchemilla glomerulans Buser

Hypogymnia oceanica Goward

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