Melania Trump with Another Controversial Outfit

In August of 2017, Melania Trump was under fire for her choice in foot wear. The First Lady was criticized beyond belief after she was photographed wearing black stilettos on her way to visit Texas after Hurricane Harvey caused havoc. Although she changed into Converse sneakers before landing in Houston, many were still upset that the first lady wore heels while headed to such a devastated area due to the hurricane. Now nearly 13 months later, Trump is under attack for her footwear again.

Trump is becoming known for her several outfit controversies and once again her gardening attire landed her a trending spot on social media. Trump sported pastel pink Christian Louboutin stiletto heels to a tree-planting ceremony on the South Lawn last Monday.  The first lady was joined by descendants of former presidents as she assisted in planting a sapling from an Eisenhower-era oak tree. With a shovel in hand, Trump was photographed while digging through the dirt in a blush top, floral midi skirt and pale pink Louboutin’s.

Reddit was quick to burst out a “Photoshop Battle” of the attire, with users reimagining the image in hilarious ways, according to the Huffington Post. Some people even took to Twitter to voice their confusion. Many on social media believed Trump’s stiletto heels were “impractical” for landscaping while others wondered how it was possible for her to walk comfortably on the lawn’s soil.

@nixhaxor on Twitter said, “Are those heels a part of her contract or something? They look remarkably uncomfortable and impractical.” While another tweeted, “First time I’ve seen someone gardening in high heels!”

While many held concerns regarding the shoes, several others complimented the first lady’s heels according to The Insider. “I think it’s cool. That you can show the world. That a girl can do anything. In high heels shoes. Way to go our First Lady Melania Trump!” Another tweeted, “Nobody does that better in heels than her. Nobody.”

Michelle Obama’s best-known acts as first lady was establishing the garden in 2009. It was her way of raising awareness and her efforts to reduce rates of childhood obesity with initiatives such as the “Let’s Move” campaign and school nutritional regulations.

Aside from her movements, she also used the garden to sport her down-to-earth fashion. Vogue said in its review of Obama’s 2012 book “American Grown” that “throughout the book, the first lady, always beautifully coiffed, wears a different J. Crew sweater to match the season (marigold yellow for summer, argyle for fall).”

Trump’s gardening attire is far-fetched from what Michelle Obama typically wore seeming Michelle would shop at Target while Melania is purchasing a $775 pair of stilettos.

In September of 2017, Trump encountered another period of criticism, according to Business Insider, after she wore a pair of squeaky-clean Converse during an event she hosted in the White House Kitchen Garden. Trump wore a Balmain plaid shirt which was priced at more than $1,000 at the time and her Converse sneakers that appeared to be brand new.

Twitter users instantly released memes pointing out directly how the first lady looked a bit out of her natural element in the garden. One tweet wrote: “me making sure the barista sees me put money in the tip jar.” Chrissy Teigen even added a comment on Trump, writing, “these look exactly like my workout soles. because i work out as much as this chick gardens.”

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