A purported Bitcoin millionaire was arrested in Hong Kong after “making it rain cash” onto the streets, reports the local English-language news outlet Shanghaiist. On Sunday Dec 16, 100-Hong Kong dollar bills were thrown from a roof in Sham Shui Po, one of the poorest Hong Kong neighborhoods, as CCN reports. Its reportedly believed that Wong Ching-kit, local cryptocurrency enthusiast and owner of the Epoch Cryptocurrency website, is responsible for the stunt.

Epoch posted a video on Facebook, in which Ching-kit is seen asking “does anyone believe that money can fall from the sky?” before money began to fall from a tall building behind him. The videos description details a competition, which participants can “win large cash prizes.” Throughout another video, Ching-kit reportedly described himself as a “god” that “steals from the rich and gives to the poor.”

Shanghaiist reports that the man was subsequently arrested by local police, before performing another publicity stunt. He was detained for “disorderly conduct in a public place” while live-streaming with a stack of cash in his hand.

A member of the local crypto community, Leo Weese, tweeted in regard to Ching-kit, stating that he is not a Bitcoin millionaire but rather “running a pyramid-like scheme.” The police claim to have only recovered 6,000 Hong Kong dollars, though “a popular Twitter post claims, unreasonably, that ‘100’s of millions of HKD’ was dropped from the rooftop.”

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