Liskula Cohen is a Skank

Update: Check out what Rosemary Port, the woman who actually wrote the blog post, had to say.

According to one source, not only is Liskula Cohen a “skank”, she is the “skankiest in NYC”.   I have spent time in New York, so I can assure you that that is high praise indeed.

It seems that Liskula Cohen is not happy with her new title, and she would like to take it up with the judges.   The problem is, she doesn’t know the name of the person who crowned her.   A very classy guy who runs a blogspot blog called SkansNYC, has posted pitctures of what appears to be himself in various… positions with Liskula Cohen.

Liskula, a former model, is suing Google to get the bloggers name.   Steven Wagner, Liskula’s lawyer, has sad that they intend of suing the blogger for slander, which is a case I would love to see.   Can she prove that she is not the “skankiest in NYC”?

My feelings about free speech and bloggers aside, I’m a little confused on who the guy in the photo is, if not the blogger.   I would think she would have an easier time finding out who this guy is on her own, rather than suing Google.

And you have to wonder if she realized that now she will likely appear at the top of Google for terms like ‘skankiest women in NYC’ ? Maybe she is just trying to get a guest cameo in the new Sex and the City movie.


  1. no the guy in the pic is one of her friends and it was a fun drunken night obviously as shown in the pics. why would she sue to figure out who someone is that she already knows. pictures are obviously taken way out of context and posted on that blog by some jealous ex-acquaintance – effin moron you are.

    • Why are you insulting other people? She is suing Google to try to find the name of someone who blogs, and that sucks. Can you really sue for slander to state that you're not the "skankiest woman in NYC"? That would be like me suing you to prove I'm not an "effin moron".

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