Currently, the job market promises those looking for a new gig the best opportunities in years with the number of jobs available at an all-time high. As a result, many job seekers are either quitting their current job or pursuing a career which is an ideal fit for them. For years, many of these job seekers have leveraged LinkedIn to make beneficial connections and find jobs that fit their skills. With that in mind, LinkedIn has made improvements to their offerings to further enhance the ability of both recruiters and job seekers.

In total, LinkedIn’s user base consists of nearly 600 million users across the world. From those millions of people, LinkedIn has been able to capture large amounts of data to better understand how people are searching for jobs, how employers are recruiting these job seekers and what skill sets translate into successful hires. In addition to performing its own research, the company is also welcoming academic research to open new doors for graduating students. In addition to data analysis, LinkedIn has succeeded in making steps forwards to grow their program through the acquisition of job boards like Monster and Indeed to increase the number of jobs advertised on their site. According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions Head of Product Josh Jersin, the company has seen a 40 percent year-over-year growth in job applications posted and 37 percent growth in the number of new hires.

With the data and continuous improvement mindset, LinkedIn is currently in the process of making updates for LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Jobs products. The company plans to further leverage its artificial intelligence capabilities to enhance these two platforms.

For LinkedIn Recruiter, a new advanced and integrated search function will be released in the near future. The search function will allow recruiters to see potential candidates. Much like LinkedIn users can scroll through their “Suggested Connections,” recruiters will be able to scroll through a list of potential candidates for their role, and then add them to a “favorite” list or hide them.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Jobs will soon allow users to better see multiple job opportunities on the site and put certain companies at the top of their list. The new feature, which highlights so-called “dream companies,” will allow users to get automatic notifications when one of the companies added to that list posts a new opportunity.  Beyond this feature, job seekers will be able to look for jobs which are entirely remote, and in some cases, see a salary range for jobs or given employers.

In the words of Jersin, “HR is increasingly building a strategic view of how they’re building winning teams. We have an ambitious vision to create an even more intelligent and personalized search experience in the future.”

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