Katrina Doyle is not fit to be a mother

Katrina Doyle, a pregnant 34-year-old woman from Port Richey, Florida, was arrested after stabbing her husband in the back of the head with a ballpoint pen during an argument. Then, after she was locked in her cell, she produced drugs and a syringe which she had managed to smuggle in past the police search. Her method of concealment was to place the contraband up her anus.

After Katrina was booked in the county jail and charged with aggravated domestic battery, she apparently retrieved her contraband material when she was left in her cell. She pulled out a syringe, needle, and methadone pills, and proceeded to inject herself. Police found her unconscious, as she passed out shortly after taking the drugs.

In addition to her initial charges of domestic battery, Doyle is now being charged with possession of a controlled substance and introduction of contraband into a penal facility. There is no word yet on why Doyle had contraband material up her anus at the time of her arrest. Doyle is now being held in jail on a $12,650 bail. Pook, her husband, is also being held on charges of aggravated domestic battery on a pregnant woman, with a bail of $7,500.

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