Joseph Lavelle thinks he is funny

In New York a 16 year old young man by the name of Joseph Lavelle has experienced things that a lot of 16 year olds don’t even know about. Apparently a joke went way wrong. Apparently, Joseph Lavelle and some friends were hanging out in his backyard when the idea to sodomize another boy came into their minds. Lavelle was the boy who actually took a broom stick and pulled down another boys pants and proceeded to sodomize him. Unfortunately the joke wasn’t so funny in the end, as the 14 year old victim ended up with severe injuries including a perforated rectum amongst other injuries which resulted in the necessity for a colostomy bag. Doctors don’t yet know if there is going to be any permanent damage or if the young victim will recover fully from the damage.

The victim is being treated at Richmond University Medical System where is will undergo surgery to repair the damage. Lavelle has been charged with first degree aggravated sexual abuse as well as assault. Authorities may say that there may be more arrests in the case since there were others involved who participated or at least did not attempt to help the boy while he was being held down.

Filthy Lucre Plant Database:

Spartina spartinae (Trin.) Merr. ex Hitchc.

Chamaecrista greggii (A. Gray) Pollard ex A. Heller

Arctostaphylos ×cinerea Howell (pro sp.) [canescens × viscida]

Pinus engelmannii Carrière

Juniperus coahuilensis (Martiñez) Gaussen ex R.P. Adams var. coahuilensis

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