Jimmy Kimmel’s dreams are coming true as he plans to open a comedy club in Las Vegas during spring of 2019. He will make regular appearances and give up-and-coming comics a chance to make the crowd laugh with their talents.  The late-night talk show host announced his plans on Wednesday for the newest comedy club in Las Vegas after joining casino giant Caesars Entertainment.

Kimmel is a Las Vegas native who spent a whole year planning the club from food all the way to ceiling height. According to Kimmel, he desires to distinguish his club from others in Sin City by capturing the spirit of classic Las Vegas via shows that go for a long period into the night, similar to those of the Rat Pack in the 1960s.

Jimmy Kimmel began hosting his own network talk show back in 2003 and even hosted the Oscars telecast twice, however he feels Las Vegas will bring the most joy for his club over other locations. “I have never had my name on a marquee in Las Vegas,” Kimmel says during a phone interview from Los Angeles. “I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve been honored to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but I’m not from Hollywood. This club resonates with me personally.”

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Kimmel went over several plans including an 8,000-square-foot club, two-story venue with a variable capacity up to 300 and will be open seven nights per week. He is even considering linking the Linq club to his “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” telecasts on ABC.

While we are all excited to experience Jimmy Kimmel’s Las Vegas comedy club, he will be joining a large comedy scene. Caesars Entertainment offers top headliners already, as well as Rio with its Comedy Cellar and Mirage with its Aces of Comedy series headlining every weekend. The city is also home to more than 10 traditional comedy clubs such as, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at MGM Grand and Laugh Factory at Tropicana Las Vegas on the Strip.

Of course, Kimmel is aware of this, and is confident his club will stand apart as mentioned before. He also holds the advantage by using his talk show to cross-promote the club. “I have this idea that I can do my show and be out at 7:30 p.m. and then fly to Vegas for all of the action at the club and do my monologue there,” Kimmel said. (The venue’s show times and ticket prices have not been announced). “I’m 95 percent sure I can make it there to do that. Also, I want the comics on my show to do their sets from Vegas. We can go live to the club and air the sets from there.”

Kimmel has a large variety of friends, many who are also comedians, so it’s quite obvious he will be looking into his list to perform unbilled sets at JKCC. “I can say to Dave Chappelle, ‘Anytime you want to go to Las Vegas and you want to stay at Caesars, you can do the sets you would normally do in L.A. Just let me know,’ ” Kimmel said. “We want to bring in some of those elements — comics showing up for each others’ shows in late-night sets. That’s disappeared from Las Vegas, for some reason.” He continues saying, “We’ll mix it up with big names on weekends, and do some other things during the week,” Kimmel said. “We’ll make sure there is room and space for known comics and young comics who are not necessarily selling tickets now but will one day.”

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