Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Review

I guess you can tell it’s not going to be a good review when the first thing you see is a picture of the product broken. Let’s first start with how well the product performed when it worked.

First off, Jawbone appears to take the anti-apple approach of bare minimum packaging. Ironic because I purchased it to go with my new iPhone. The model I picked up at the AT&T store was in a huge plastic case that was about 5 times the size it needed to be. The headset itself sits on top in a cradle, looking like something Indiana Jones would reach for in a cavern.

If you watch the great demo of the Jawbone headset, you’ll be sold on how great it seems to work. It’s so impressive when the guy wearing the headset stand right in front of guys with leaf blowers and you don’t hear a thing. My experience differed greatly. I can honestly say that I have never had a headset before where people would say, “I can’t hear you with all the wind blowing.†, until I owned the Jawbone. Yes, it actually seems to pick up wind noise a lot more than any other headset.

It was difficult to tell how/if/when I switched over to their noise cancellation feature. I would press the button for it and ask the person on the other line if it sounded better or worse, and usually they would just say, “what?†.

I should also say that the Jawbone is far from the most comfortable Bluetooth headset I have ever owned. They include a lot of different ear pieces and ear clasp to try out, but none of them is really cozy. I spent most of my talk time pushing the thing back in my ear.

And so I guess we are now at the final demise of my Jawbone. Keep in mind Jawbone Bluetooth headset is about 3 times the size of many headsets out there today, so it’s not the easiest thing to figure out how to store. I wear a lot of cargo shorts, so it seemed like one of the cargo pockers would make sense. I had never had any other headset break doing this, but the Jawbone ear clasp is really fragile and snapped off while I was driving. I emailed Jawbone to see if they would replace the unit (even though I don’t love this thing, it was expensive), but they don’t seem to reply to customer service emails. My guess is they are being swamped with complaints.

I hope you enjoyed my shared experience, because it cost me $130. I now have to go out and buy another headset for my iPhone. It’s never fun to spend more money on something after you feel like you got screwed.

If you’re looking into getting one of these, I would be extra careful on your purchase. Realize that it did not live up to the hype for me, it breaks easy, and they don’t seem to respond to customer service requests.

If you have a Jawbone, let me know you’re experiences.

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  1. I bought a jawbone and had similar problems, but I was able to get through to customer service in the early days for an RMA. I haven’t returned it yet, but I am definately not happy with the Noise and lack of quality. I am truly disappointed with my Jawbone.

  2. I was really satisfied with my Jawbone at first. I took the time to get the best fit I could with the provided ear clasps and ear pieces, and the sound quality on my end and on the other end was much better than my previous Motorola. However, after maybe 3 months, my Jawbone only works intermittently. Then I have to turn off the hands free on my phone, which I hate doing but it does cut my phone usage to the bare minimum. I’m going to try returning my Jawbone to the store, and I haven’t decided if I want to try another Jawbone or not. I got my wife a Jawbone about the same time as I got mine, and hers is still working perfectly. I work outside a lot, and I think the severe conditions may have contributed to my Jawbone’s demise (primarily heat and sweat).

  3. right out of the box, as soon as I plugged in the charged the back cover of the unit came off. Of course the bizzare charger (some young engineer trying to be cool and clever) designed the thing and it is PISS POOR. I am serious, it wouldn’t pass my senior design class in college (I am an engineer too). There are some clever cosmetic aspects to the design but if the thing don;t work….who cares.

    I was told by my retailer that the problem I ran into was common. So my advice to anyone considering this,,,,,stay clear. If they cn not engineer the cover better than this….and as an engineer I am telling you, it is infathomable how they could have thought that this cover would hold/work. Secondly because it failed on the very first attempt I made to use it, it makes me wonder what kind of quality control or testing they have. I can tell you this, if they have any at all….it can not be rigorous.

    Stay clear of the jawbone!!

  4. Wow… misery loves company eh?

    All I can say is that I’ve never owned a better headset and I’ve invested in many of them. Wind has never been an issue compared to the motorolas/plantronics/jabra’s that I’ve owned. Battery life has been better than I was expecting. The only single slight annoyance was finding a good way for it to fit. It took some adjusting and patience but finally one of the little earbuds included ended up being the best option. I might still look into some Jabra eargels.

    It sucks that you all had these bad experiences with it but I certainly can’t agree… I would have paid $200 for this as to me, this is the Holy Grail of headsets.

  5. The Jawbone will not stay on anyone’s ear for more than a minute or two. The sound is ok, but the design is fatally flawed. DO NOT BUY A JAWBONE HEADSET!

  6. I have had problems with my earloops breaking off of my jawbone too and I was about to say the hell with this, until a guy that worked at the New AT&T store told me that you can use the jawbone without a earloop. I tried that and it works great. No problem with the jawbone now. GO BUY ONE!!!!

  7. I have owned the Jawbone headset for about 3 months. I have no complaints about the sound quality. However, I have broken 3 earloops and when I called their support line was told I could purchase replacements on their website for about $10 for a package of 4. I have been careful with the earloops but they are very, very fragile. While this isn’t a lot of money this was not a cheap headset to begin with and I have to add this into the total cost of ownership for this device. If I had it to do over again, I would not purchase the headset. There are others out there with comparable sound quality but without a design flaw like this. My recommendation is you DO NOT BUY THE JAWBONE HEADSET.

  8. Quite simply the worst accessory I have ever come across. I Bought a Jawbone for my Dad to go with his new mobile. The charger broke off the plastic back cover the very first time it was used, rendering it useless. I did however manage to get it swapped. The same thing has just happened to the new one; straight out of the box, back snaps off. I give up. What an awfully designed product.

  9. Anyone know how to fix the jawbone when the earpiece snaps off? I’m talking snaps off into the base of the jawbone. I cant figure out how to get it out.

  10. I will not be buying one after hearing these testimonials! Good grief. I was going to buy one this evening on line but not after these comments. Anyone out there with a better product? The Mac/Life magazine really rated this product highly. They need to talk to you guys.

  11. Don, I just bought the Bang and Olufsen Earset 2. It’s pricey at about $350, and it looks a little big when compared to other Bluetooth headsets, but it’s really been amazing so far.

    My hearing is a little shot after years of heavy Walkman use and the military, but everything is clear as a bell with the B&O.

    One slight issue I had at first was that the first call I got the morning after I brought it home, the person complained there was an echo. I called someone else and they confirmed it.

    I call the B&O store and they told me they never heard of that problem, but to just send it back and they will send another unit out. Really good customer service. But the next day I couldn’t recreate the problem. After trying for 30 minutes to recreate the issue, I gave up and haven’t had a problem since.

    Check out the Apple reviews on the product on the Apple site here:

    The only people complaining about it are people who don’t own it, they just object to the price. If you’re really looking for the best bluetooth headset, this is it.

    Also, the B&O A8 is a great replacement for ear buds, but again at a bit of a premium. Hope this helps.

  12. OMG! I have just odered my 3rd set of ear loops! I actually ordered when I was down to my last loop which broke today. And I haven’t recieved the shipment of new ones

    So I searched to see if others are having the same problem and I found this page. And the tip by “brian” on this page, that Jawbone stays in your ear without the loop is a GODSEND! It does!!

    No more $9.99 for one left loop!!


    • What kind of ear do you have? My Jawbone does not stay in my ear. It falls out. This makes no since to me that they would provide you with extras, but no freaking directions to re-install a new one.

  13. This deserves the word SUCKS!!!!!

    I am appalled by the deception here and i dont work for another headset company. I am positive that positive reviews are written by Jawbone lackeys, all over the internet. I know I am correct because I bought into the hype and the demo on the Jawbone website.When it arrived I was stunned by this over engineered packaging design, it was so ridiculous. Trying to hype a brand image by wasteful ridiculous design of a package will not cover for deception. A box for the head set a box for the ear buds that snuggly fit in a huge clear plastic box with a plastic rack for the headset. Uughh so stupid. Well, the engineer of the box must have designed the headset. This thing is ridiculous. First the design is over extended pushing too far sacrificing ergonomics for true funtionality. The buttons are actually hidden, well wait it has no discernable buttons. You have to locate it like braille, its a little tiny bump.
    {If there was hair thare you may find it better.} This resides opposite of the ear bud. Right where you need to push the unit into your ear constantly because you cant get a snug fit even with the box of 4 earbuds and four earloops. So as your costantly pushing the headset in because it feels like your 100.00 headset will fall in the mud or be lost on the train. The point where you need to press in your ear to secure it into the ear actually triggers the genius design of the talk button. So as you talk to someone and secure the unit in your ear to actually hear someone it is bouncing back to your phone. To top it off even worse
    the natural instinct is to just hold the unit deeper in your ear to finish the conversation however the genius designer decided to use the same button to end the call. So if this same button is depressed for 3 seconds ( as you are pushing it into your ear) you SHUT THE HEADSET OFF!!!!! I am blown away……………This is just the begining. The “Noise Shield” is a lie!!!!! I dont jump to this conclusion. I purchased the unit and thought I was doing something wrong, i tested it in everyway. I calle the support which has no support they tell you to turn the noise shield off and back on.To know if its on, they say, did youe hear an ascending tone or descending? What stupidity!!!!!So its on and the support cant deny it doesnt work, so they claim it defective. I wanted this technology to work. So I got it replaced!!! The unit wasnt defective they are all defective!!!! This is a class action or major recall waiting to happen. This time support said oh the music is “more muted” when the noise cancel is on its working. I bought “noise cancel” not “background noise more garbled and fainter by 1%” The demo on the website is not a true representation.This is a review for the people, dont buy this trust me, i swear its so bad, I wish it worked I truly do. I need this technology. Theres so many flaws, the charger gets stuck on the unit. the charger port on the unit has a plastic santoprene cap, it falls off the first time you adjust the headset. If you cant figure out the tones in your ear, it has lights so you have to take it off constantly to see if its on. The earbuds are horribly designed for old men ears. The thing is giant on your face too. It hangs on the ear uncomfortably no snugness.
    majorly disapointed!!!!!! The 20.00 box has “Noise is nothing” this thing is full of noise, and listeners will tell you. I cant beleive anyone says that this thing is any good it must be liars too. The new name for this product is “JAWBURDEN”

  14. I purchased the jawbone after hearing all the great reviews online. Big Mistake. Or maybe it just was’nt compatible with my 2.0 version Samsung phone. I called jawbone and told him that it was answering the call when I push the talk button, but I could’nt hear them and they could only hear me threw the mic, on the cell phone. Jawbone would answer and disconnect, but would not send or recieve a voice signal. Mr. Jawbone said “Sounds like you got a bad one.” Take it back and get another. OK I did and same problem. When I called Jawbone back he said something very funny! “Sounds like you got another bad one, take it back and get a third one.”
    So I did take it back and purchased a Motorola pure H12, and it works great. Much smaller in size and has noise cancelling for $100.
    Jawbone says on the back of thier box, version 1.1 and 1.2 It does not say ‘OR HIGHER’. So you may have issues with it if you have a 2.0 version phone.
    Chances are if 2 jawbones have the same problem, the third one will!!!!

  15. This headset indeed has a crucial problem. The cap on the end could get stuck in the charger and wouldn’t come out. The headset becomes unusable. I ran into this problem the very first day I used. 🙁

    The problem is that the end of the headset, where the charger connects, is glued to the rest of the headset. And the glue is not powerful enough to hold on against the pressure of removing the charger. Seems like a usability and/or durability flaw. I hope that the company will return or replace it. Else, it is a wastage of $119. Stay away from it.

  16. I’m on my 4th Jawbone… and it just quit working after five days. The first one lost its top cap which the engineering genius who designed the charger interface really screwed up. The charger connection makes a very nice vacuum seal with the top of the Jawbone. Pulling off the charger connector rips off the top of the Jawbone itself. That kills it.
    The second Jawbone had constant earpiece problems in that they would break off. Finally, the era bud section broke off. The third Jawbone lost its cap also. The current Jawbone simply quit working after five days of usuage. it could be “dsicovered” by my cell phone but would not talk to it.
    I gave up and bought a Motorola H700 at Costco for $59.95. Works perfectly, has better audio and better noise cancellation than the Jawbone.

  17. I’ve been pretty happy with the jawbone after 6 months of use. I did, however just break the ear loop as I head off on a week long trip…

  18. It was painful to open this blog and see the photo of the broken ear loop. This is exactly the problem I have, at the same break point. Don’t put a Jawbone in your pocket with that flimsy ear loop. It will snap off and you can’t get the metal out of the product to replace the loop. I’m going to use without and risk having it fly off my ear. The voice quality and pairing so far have been fine with my BB Curve. I’m going to be careful with that funky charger.

  19. I received this jawbone as a gift from my husband for my birthday 5 months ago. I used it randomly because I hated trying to fit the thing in my ear and when it finally did sit there, it hurt. It felt like it was crushing my ear! Well, July 1st California made it mandatory to use these things while driving. Since I often get calls while I do real estate, I had no choice but to use this horrible little creature. Yeah, well it broke! Mine is now just like the picture! First it didn’t fit then it breaks. Did I mention the buttons are a pain in the ass and the noise reduction was for crap. I hate the fact I have to purchase another headset because I have been screwed, but what else can you do? They won’t respond in “customer service” and their email is a joke. And, replacement parts are not an option since the base of the earloop broke off inside the base! AUGH! Cheap piece of junk!

  20. I have used the same Jawbone (daily) since they first came out. I have not had one seconds trouble out of the unit with the exception of the ear loops. One broken one but the rest seem to get gooey and the rubber comes off of them. I’m on my 3rd set. As far as the unit itself… it has been exceptional!

  21. Have your Jawbone ear loops broken off? I am an investigator with the law firm of David P. Meyer & Associates Co., LPA. Our firm has been researching a potential case regarding an alleged defect resulting in Jawbone ear loops breaking off during normal use. If you are experiencing this problem, and are willing to assist with our investigation, please contact me at 1-866-827-6537 or http://www.dmlaws.com and fill out a form so that our firm can evaluate your situation.

  22. I hate this Jawbone. I keep breaking the ear pieces…..has anyone figured out how to get the little metal piece out of the stupid head set? Works crappy, pain go figure out what buttons you’re pushing, people can’t hear me if there is even the slightest breeze. What a piece of junk? I am curious to know what headsets are working well in windy conditions.

  23. I’m VERY disappointed in the Jawbone. I spent $100 on this thing about 3 months ago, only to have it completely quit working today. It won’t charge, it won’t light up–nothing.

    What the other posters are saying about the fit is true. I keep having to readjust it, pushing it back into my ear. I use the smallest loop, and I still have trouble. I don’t think the thing would stay in my ear if I tried it without the loop; it’s just too unweildy for that.

    I don’t give a rip about the packaging. I do care that I got sucked in by the hype and paid $100 for a piece of crap. That noise reduction thing they advertise? Pure BS. I’ve tried it on everything from a concert to simply riding in my car, and the noise is there.

    I wouldn’t recommend this item to anyone.

  24. It is not that hard to get the little piece out just take a small screw driver and you can push it half way out and then use some pliers and pull it the rest of the way out.

  25. How to remove the part of the broken ear loop? I’ve become expert at that. If you don’t have a screw driver small enough (and I didn’t) there are 2 other things to try. Take a fresh ear loop (if you have any left) and insert it from the bottom into the device and the broken end will slide out the top. Another option is too use a paper clip. however they are tougher because they bend too easily. You must use a small pair of pliers. I used one that came to a point.

  26. I was excited when I read online reviews and magazine articles on the Jawbone. After squandering my money on many previous bluetooth headsets I figured the Jawbone would finally make the technology work properly. I was so excited I purchased a few as gifts. I don’t understand, why would any designer make these ear loops out of plastic? I mean, considering the price of the Jawbone, why did they not make the ear loops out of metal. We all had the same experience, all the loops broke, all four of them. They did not last six months. The rear of the device broke when charging, I used crazy glue to put it back. The earbuds are also poorly designed. Don’t get me started on the audio performance, inconsistent, poor menu design as well. These are just a few of the defects of this device. The only good quality is that it looks good. I will not even consider purchasing their new model, and will do my best to convince anyone interested, not to waist their money.

  27. I am quite disappointed with my Jawbone 2. I have broken all my ear loops – they are so flimsy! I usually use a toothpick to push out the broken piece left in the base. I am particularly disappointed that JAWBONE do not offer free replacement earloops.

    Not sure if I have made the necessary adjustments but the advertised noise reduction feature doesn't appear to work on mine.

    On a positive note, the product is very light in weight and charges very quickly.

  28. I purchased the original Jawbone. It works great but the ear loops keep breaking. This is a very poor design. Now Jawbone no longer supports the replacement loops. I will get another earpiece and it won't be Jawbone.

  29. I hate this Jawbone!
    First off I way over paid for the performance delivered versus the performance promised.
    It doesn't fit comfortably. The best fit was with out any of the ear adapters.
    The ear hooks are cheap and break and Jawbone wants $30 for three more pieces of junk!
    The plastic imitation carbon fiber cover also broke off and I cant even find that for sale.
    Performance sucks…especially in the wind. Nobody can hear you.
    Don't buy this turd!!!!!!

  30. I have developed a sore on my face where the white pad on the Jawbone sets on my cheek. It appears that the Jawbone may be leaking battery fluid and I was wondering of other reports of this problem? My Jawbone is the original design and it is about a year old, the job that I have involves hot ovens. Causing me to sweat, my fear is that the sweat has entered the unit causing the battery to start leaking.

  31. I have had no problems for the 3+ months I have had the Jawbone Prime until now. Those I call say they cannot understand what I am saying because I am coming across muffled. I called JB for help and they deternimed the device needs to be replaced. I am disappointed after paying $129 + tax for this thing. They did offer great help and customer service, so I am satisfied with that. I will certainly think twice before spending so much on a bluetooth device in the future.

  32. My girlfriend bought me a jawbone, and I have to say I'm very disappointed. It seems I can't get the thing to fit in my ear right so the little white bud presses against my face, as it says you have to do in the instructions. So half the time I call people, they say they can't hear me. Then in an effort to adjust the headset so it's firmly pressed against my face, I inevitably hang up the call by accidentally pressing the hidden button. I end up just not using it since I can't depend on being able to make a call and have the person on the other end hear me. It's a really slick looking headset but the usability is terrible.

  33. After returning 2 defective Jawbone Primes (both wouldn't charge or turn on right out of the box) I finally got one that works. I have no complaints on the sound quality but I do have a complaint about the cheap, crappy earloops. After about a month of very infrequent use (maybe a couple of times per week), my earloop snapped and I can't get it to stay in my ear with any of the 6 different earbuds that it comes with. Until they improve the cheap earloop, I wouldn't recommend the Jawbone to anyone.

  34. all your comment are true, mine i used only for a month and it wont charge everytime i attemt to charge it appear full charge the bright light comes on when i disconnect the charger it low batt again

  35. I'm having same problem with broken earloops. The unit has been good to me just the earloops they snap like twigs.

  36. For those of you who have the ear loop break or even if it is just uncomfortable, here is the solution. Buy a pack of soft black pipe cleaners (about $1) cut to length and you will have ear loops forever. It's actually more comfortable than the original. Stephen

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