Jason Calcanis Invades the Happiest Place on Earth

Jason Calcanis, you just laid off nearly your entire staff, what are you going to do now?   “I’m going to Disneyland!!!”.  

The founder of Weblogs, Inc, and one of the biggest mouths on the social media space, has laid off a large part of the staff from his latest start-up, Mahalo.   Now Gawker is reporting that he took the 9 remaining employees of his Web directory on a trip to Disneyland.

I’m not going to jump on the Calcanis bashing bandwagon.   I meet Jason once, and he was a total ass to me, so I have my own issues with the guy.   I have also met some people who work for Calcanis, and they’re not very found of him either.   But I do have to say that when you keep spreading your unsolicited opinion about everyone else, you’re bound to take some hits when you screw up.

I try to keep in mind that success is almost always fleeting.   Nothing is ever as good or bad as it seems.   Sometimes I forget that, and then I would read some arragont rant coming from Jason Calcanis, and I would try to put things back into perspective for myself.  

For what it’s worth, Weblogs, Inc was a fantastic business play by Calcanis.  And I like the ambitious nature of Mahalo.  

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