The Israeli Parliament passed the 16th amendment to Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, regarding the governance and regulatory aspects of exporting medical cannabis from Israel. The 16th amendment, known as “Knesset’s,” was approved unanimously by 21 votes. Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Erdan previously disapproved these actions, however, following the vote, he approved.

The bill was approved through the Knesset’s internal affairs committee, in addition to two votes in the Knesset’s grand hall. With the new legislation, the Israeli Police are authorized to conduct ssupervision of cannabis farms, and grant approvals for cultivating, growing and exporting of cannabis and cannabis-related products.

Though the amended bill allows provisions for future cannabis export, pending government authorization, the use of recreational marijuana is still illegal in Israel. In addition, a government resolution is required to authorize export, while Minister Erdan hopes to gain approval by December 29, or shortly after.

“Any license to engage in medical cannabis will be subject to a license from the Ministry of Health,” states the bill, according to the Knesset’s website. The provisions require that each applicant that desires to get a license to engage in medical cannabis will receive a positive or negative recommendation from the police department. If you are a foreign investor, an exemption from police review may occur. For domestic applicants, police recommendations will be required within four months, while its within six months for foreign investors.

“Anyone who violates the terms of the license to engage in medical cannabis is liable to 24 months imprisonment or a fine of NIS 75,000.” ($19,887 at today’s market rate)

There are eight companies operating in Israel currently, while there are several additional requests from business owners to join in the field, which Forbes notes is currently pending approval from relevant parties.

“Israel is a medical cannabis power,” said Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel. “The Israeli research conditions for growth in the field precede most countries in the world by five to seven years due to progressive regulation.”

He continued saying, “the products in Israel are manufactured according to strict production standards, on a medical level, like in the pharmaceutical industry – including strict security rules for the entire value chain, developed following inter-ministerial work which took place over a prolonged period.”

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