iPhone Safari Browser Crash

I’m noticing my browser crashing every now and then. At first I thought it was just something I was doing, but now I’m certain it’s the browser. The last crash occurred while watching a trailer on the Apple trailer site for iPhone. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Update: This has gotten a lot less buggy with the 2.2 upgrade, but I still do experience the occasional issue.  I have started re-starting my iPhone once per day.  


  1. Power on power off does it. First noticed it after going to Apple Iphone website and trying to view the fingertip clips..

    To reiterate someone else observation I am finally getting comfortable with this keyboard, its like learning to ride a bike … suddenly there is that moment when it all comes together.

  2. If you remove summerboard, and have a lot of ikons, how does one access the other ikons as they will not be in view without summerboard?

    If you reset all in settings, setting/general,reset all…. does it remove custom wallpapers, tweaks, etc?


  3. The reset worked perfectly for me. It certainly saved me a lot of time since I thought I was going to have to go to the Apple store and get a replacement. Thanks!!!

  4. I’ve been having the same issue, Safari crashing. The first time I noticed it was while surfing the Apple Store. I’ll try powering it down. I’m also going to a retail store to get a new iMac so I’ll talk to them about it too.

  5. Legend !! Safari crashes have been driving me mad, just found this post, safari crashed, came back, read the solution and now fingers crossed all is well 🙂

  6. It works! Safari was crashing every single time I used it but the power-down (hold the on/off switch on top and then use the red slider) worked like a charm. Maybe that should be a daily routine until Apple issues a patch that fixes the problem.

  7. Same issue here. I was in the middle of downloading the restore update when i found this board. So i tried the reset and have gone from not being able to visit a single page without Safari crashing to back to normal. I will charge my phone and when its fully charged for now on i will automatically do a restart.


    Note: Steve, please fix this.

  8. Man did I need that solution. I hadn’t powered off in two months, andthis was a life saver. I was getting real annoyed till ibfound this due to crashes every five minutes. Whew, its all clear now. Should be a daily routine from now on.

  9. I’ve had the same experience. Went to the apple store ad spoke to a genius- they were NO help at all. He just said it was a known problem and it will be addressed in the future with an update 🙁
    The power on/off cycle does help though!!

  10. yah my iphone has been crashing all the time lately. I think it happens when u goto sites with two many graphics or video files like pluged in. I think it has something to do with the small processor and how unstable the system is still. I have faith that Stevey will fix it soon!

  11. Maybe this will be addressed in the iPhone 2.0 update coming in June, or if enough bugs are reported it will be fixed in a patch?? (although that might not be plausible considering it hasn’t been fixed in almost a year)

    Although, a HUGE change in the iphone software (which there will be with apps, enterprise etc) could also lead to motivation to correct some major bugs.

    For now, off/on resetting works fine…

  12. Me too. Very irritating. It’s to the point where I don’t even use safari because it crashes so often on the iPhone. The iPod crashes frequently as well; particularly if I select an album to play using coverflow view. I even watched a rented movie on it on the plane earlier and it crashed a couple times early on. I still love this thing and i would NEVER return it, but Apple needs to get their sh*t together and get a patch for this issue post haste.

  13. Me too. I’m a bit suspicious on apply’s software development and quality control capability. As a web browser is so important for iPhone. How can they release such an unstable product without properly test. And this issue has been around for so long time. They still didn’t release a patch to fix it. That’s really sad as an apple customer.

  14. I got the iPhone 8gb 3G from Rogers (Canadian eh :P) a few days after it came out. July 18 to be precise.

    My browser crashes a LOT. I mean to the point where I have almost given up trying to use third party IM websites like Meebo and Beejive. I tried downloading Palringo, but that crashes too PLUS you can’t listen to your music while using it, MAJOR bummer.

    For those of you hoping the 3G model would have an improvement over the first gen, you’re out of luck it seems.

    As well, Apple has released 2 or 3 firmware updates since the 3G hit the world market and the problem still seems to stick.

    As mentioned earlier, a full power cycle (ie hold down the button on the top right hand part of your iPhone and then slide the red icon to shut the phone completely off) seems to help, but it’s a pain in the ass to have to constantly power cycle your phone.

    On the other hand, my gal has a Crackberry Pearl and she has to constantly power cycle the thing by taking the freaking battery out for 30 seconds.

    I honestly think it’s just a problem with smartphones in general. You have to remember that this technology is pretty much in it’s infancy. Anyone here remember how many problems the first few generations of iPods had? Or the dreaded iMac G5 “power supply, fan noise, etc” issues on the first and second gens?

    Not that I’m making excuses for Apple; if you’re going to make people pay $200 AND sign a 3 year contract, you’d damn well provide a product that doesn’t flop right out of the box. That being said, Apple is REALLY good with product support in my experience. I had my 20gb dot matrix iPod replaced with a 30gb video for free, and I had the power supply for my iMac G5 replaced for free.

    The one thing about Apple is that once they realize they have a wide spread problem on their hands, they really bend over backwards to make it right for their customers if you push them the right way. I don’t mean yelling and swearing at the CSR on tech support; just be polite but firm. You paid good money for what is supposed to be a top notch product.

    I don’t know whether the iPhone browser issue is a common problem, but it would seem that way. Apple will probably address it sooner rather than later.

  15. It’s October 1, 2008, and Safari and Google Maps on the iPhone 3G 2.1 are still crashing all the time. Very annoying. Apple, please fix asap!!! (Of course, we all love the phone…there’s nothing out there like it.)

  16. safari crashes ALL the time each time, impossible to use it, i’m trying to delete apps one by one to see if this will help.
    this apple is sour

  17. I’m expiriencing safari crashes as well on my 3G iPhone (firmware 2.1). Situation appears to be better after switching the language from german to English. Listening to music while surfing seems to be disliked by the device as well.

  18. I’m amazed that this problem is still happening! I was told that it was being taken care of. I’m going to use Firefox exclusively from now on.

  19. hey guys its simple. i experienced the same problem. just switch your iPhone off and then switch it on and try it.
    it really works!

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