The world’s fastest growing mobile company continuously tries to prove its capability when it comes to other companies such as Apple and Samsung. For quite some time, Huawei has reminded the world that it too is just as innovative as some better-established brands, while its Mate X is the phone to prove it.

The new device focuses on the year’s biggest forward-looking trends — foldables and 5G. However, unlike some of the concepts that have emerged, the product achieves this with panache. The device is fairly thin, at 5.4mm in the unfolded position, making it much easier to slip into your pocket than the 17mm Galaxy Fold.

The Mate X offers a pair of outward-facing displays, while the larger of which measures 6.6 inches at 2480 x 1148 pixels, with a 19:5 aspect ratio. The flip side is 6.38 inches, which allows space for the camera bar. The system uses a Leica lens, while the design allows for photo subjects to see themselves on the outward-facing display as a shot is taken. Located on the side of the device is a combo fingerprint reader/power button.

The Chinese manufacturer, of course, added its own 5G network gear, meaning unlike most of the competition, the company is able to speed test. The company calls the Mate X “the world’s fastest 5G phone,” though these words don’t mean a whole lot currently. That said, it does promise download speeds of “up to 4.6 Gbps.”

Inside the Mate X are a pair of batteries that add up to 4,500mAh, while TechCrunch reports that “you’re going to need something beefy inside to deal with all of those screens and 5G, which is a notable battery drainer.”

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