How and Why to Use a Butcher

Local neighborhood butchers are not as common as they were in past years, but they do still exist.   Supermarket meat departments have taken over much of the independent butchers’ business.   If you can find a butcher convenient to your home or work, it would be worthwhile for you to stop by and get acquainted.   Butchers can be your best resource for quality meats and cooking advice.

Butchers generally carry a higher grade of meat than supermarkets do.   The butcher’s reputation depends on the quality of meats in the shop, and he or she personally selects the best meats available.   Butcher shops carry better quality meats, a wider selection of meats, and more cuts of meats than you will find in a supermarket.   Some people argue that meats sold by independent butchers are too expensive, but you will find that the cost difference is not that great, especially when you consider that you are buying top grade meats.   You’ll find that the additional cost is worth it when you sit down at your dinner table and taste the delicious steak or roast you bought from your butcher.

If you have a special order or need a meat that is not usually sold in your area, you can rely on your butcher to find exactly what you’re looking for.   Supermarkets deal with standard orders of meats and do not usually cater to those looking for something a little out of the ordinary.   If your butcher doesn’t already have what you need, he or she will know where to find it.

You will receive personalized service with a butcher.   Let your butcher know your exact specifications for cutting your meats, and he or she will be happy to oblige.   Are you hosting a party and looking for a specific type and cut of meat for your specialty dish?   Your butcher will order it and have it in a neatly wrapped package when you’re ready to pick it up.   You can also set up a standing order with your butcher for even more convenience.  

Your butcher is a professional who takes great pride in his or her business.   Butchers have a great amount of knowledge and expertise that they are willing to share with you.   Maybe you’re not sure which meat to use for a recipe.   Let your butcher know what dish you’re making, how you want to cook it, the ingredients you want to use, and he or she will let you know the perfect cut of meat you need to make your dish an astounding success.

Many butchers age and cure the meats in their shops to give them extra flavor.   Some butchers offer prepared meats, such as stuffed chicken breasts or marinated steaks.   You won’t need to stop by the supermarket for “extras.”   Your butcher will likely carry specialty spices, sauces, cheeses and breads.

Find a local butcher shop and have a look around.   The butcher will be glad to answer any of your questions and let you know the services you can expect at that shop.   You will leave with a greater respect for this professional and possibly the entrée for tonight’s dinner.

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