Hitachi, Ltd. Is one of the largest conglomerates in Japan and in all of Asia.  The company, which is headquartered in Chiyoda, Japan, is the eighth-largest information technology by revenue, and are poised to grow that revenue with their new “Highly Reliable Platform Solution”.

This past week, Hitachi announced their joint venture with VMware to produce the “Highly Reliable Platform Solution” which is aimed to facilitate the social infrastructure requirements for financial, public, and transportation services.  The two companies began collaboration back in October of 2017, with this end solution as the initial reason for their collaboration.  The solution will help facilitate as it will enable critical systems to run securely on a long-term basis.  The “Highly Reliable Platform Solution” will be operated using the functionality already employed by Hitachi and leverage both the vSphere, owned by VMware, and the RV3000, a Hitachi Server.

VMware, a subsidiary of Dell Technologies which provides cloud computing services, platform visualization, and other services in the IT environment, will provide value to the continued success of Hitachi’s products as it will allow for customers to more readily detect and fix problems.

In total, the solution promises to offer the following benefits.  First, it provides advanced functions and capabilities in the open system environment.  By definition, an open system environment in computing is a computer system that provides a combination of interoperability, portability, and software standards.  Secondly, the solution will allow for special support through the vSphere.  The vSphere will enable better long-term support and quicker problem resolution.  Finally, the use of the RV3000 server adds additional stabilization to the IT systems which are deployed by customers.

Both companies believe this solution will answer the ever-growing problem of enhanced mission-critical systems.  In addition, the solution will further streamline operations and introduce new global standard technologies that can easily be connected and adapted to open systems.

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