HelloFromEarth is Twitter for Sci-fi Fans

New media enthusiasts aware would agree that Twitter is the newest and greatest social media revolution. But a new website has taken the basic Twitter idea and added a whole new spin on it. HelloFromEarth.net allows all of Earth natives to send 160 character messages into space, specifically, the planet Gilese 581d.

Gilese 518d is the closest plant outside our Solar System that is believed to be able to support life, it is also the most Earth-like planet discovered so far. It is a super-Earth at about eight times larger than our own planet. The planet is about 20.3 light-years away from us. The message signal will not reach that solar system until December 2029 give or take a few months. 20.3 light-years is a long way away.

At the end of Science Week, Sunday, August 23, NASA is going to transmit the messages to Gilese 518d. If we receive a response it likely won’t occur for another 41 years, unless of course, inhabitants of Gilese 518d have greatly improved communications equipment.

Submit your message while you can. So far, over 6,500 messages have been submitted and there is still over a week to submit messages.

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