Electric propulsion continues to spark interest amongst the marine industry for over a decade now, though its only in the past year or so that it’s really begun to resonate. There are several reasons to consider making the switch when choosing a new yacht, such as great fuel efficiency, quiet and very little maintenance. The regeneration is always a plus, and you can’t forget that it’s more eco-friendly.

While there is a variety to choose from, Dutch shipyard Heesen Yachts launched Home in 2017, becoming the world’s first fast-​displacement-hull-form motor yacht with hybrid propulsion. Hybrid indicates that a drivetrain draws on two or more power sources for propulsion. It also provides onboard needs such as diesel engines and electric motors, which can be used together or individually.

Home features 840 hp main engines, in addition to two water-cooled DC electric shaft motors. The beautiful yacht cruises at speeds up to nine knots, strictly using the electric motors.

Though the features and framework are quite put together, Robb Report notes that the fuel efficiency is “arguably not the key attraction of the hybrid system.” Instead of better fuel efficiency, it’s the enhanced comfort, which the option of silent cruising can provide. When in electric mode, the noise in the owner’s stateroom is a bare minimum – only an astonishing low of 46 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of soft rain. The sister-ship of Home, currently named Project Electra, is expected to begin delivery in April 2020.

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