Harry Winston’s Histoire De Tourbillon 9

When it comes to watches, few are more luxurious than the Historie de Tourbillon, a collection of watches by Harry Winston. These watches showcase some of the most elegant designs and intricate features. The latest edition of the watch is now the 9th edition. Unlike previous editions, this new watch much more clearly captures the brand identity for which Harry Winston is known. The watch was created in collaboration with CompliTime S.A., a specialty shop run by Greubel Forsey. In recent editions of the watch, the features of CompliTime have been clearly accented with extra large and asymmetric cases. This year, the watch has been upgraded.

Harry Winston’s Histoire De Tourbillon 9

The true design from Harry Winston is much purer in this nine edition. It still features the signature bi-retrograde display which has been used in many past models however, the ninth edition is much lighter and more compact.  The dimensions of the watch clock-in at 46.5 mm in diameter and under 21 mm thickness. The thickness of the newest edition is larger than previous models due to the extended use of box crystal to increase the light and visibility of the movement of the watch. As a whole, this is one of the staples and key focuses of the design. In total, the weight of the watch has been decreased due to the increased use of titanium and open space within.

Harry Winston’s Histoire De Tourbillon 9 in Silver

One of the most luxurious features of the watch is the best time-telling apparatuses. While traditional watches have just one simple analog clock with moving hands, the Histoire de Tourbillon 9 features two distinct time-telling features. One of the analog clock arches features the hours of the day, on a scale of 1 to 12. Uniquely, the hand is a jumping hand, meaning it moves precisely on the hour. On the other arch, there’s a scale of 0 to 60 indicating the minutes within the hour. Looking more closer, the watches has a triple axis tourbillon located at the bottom (when looking straight on) of the watch. In total, the watch pictures an outer carriage which is minimally built and two internal cages which rotate every 75 and 45 seconds. These internal cages serve as features meant to capture the eye.

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