Happy Thanksgiving

I usually spend my thanks giving hanging out, watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles on cable and snacking throughout the day. This year I decided to change things up a bit and I bought Planes, Trains and Automobiles on DVD. It wasn’t that I wanted it on DVD. Despite the fact that it’s my favorite holiday movie of all time, I actually enjoy watching it on Cable, complete with all the early holiday commercials. It’s nice way to ease me into the holiday season. But this year I guess it didn’t make the list of shows to play 30 times in a row. They will probably have it on later in the holiday season, but I like watching it on Thanksgiving. On the up side, I got to hear Steve Martin drop the f-bomb a few hundred times. I think anyone who travels a lot for business really gets that movie. I have wanted to tell a ticket counter rep to “wipe that fucking smile of your fucking face† plenty of times in the past few years.

I got on my computer nice and early to go and get the $100 Xbox 360, but Amazon servers couldn’t handle the server load of cheap ass’s like myself trying to score a cheap Christmas gift for our kids. It really makes you question their Elastic Cloud solution if they can’t handle their own server load sometimes. They may have figured out that it was a dumb idea to open the floodgates all at once. And not to sound like a whinny bitch about losing out, but it would have been cool if they gave us Amazon Prime members a little bit of a bonus and let us have first crack at it, even if just for 5 minutes.

So I didn’t score my kid the Xbox. The Wii is my main mission anyhow. I’m trying to get one through eBay. I think that’s what he really wants.

I usually enjoy sitting in line with a bunch of other cheap schmucks at Best Buy or something on Black Friday morning. Every year I wait in that line at like 4:30 in the morning, dreaming about how much I would like to punch the who came up with the idea of making us wait in line at 4:30 in the morning, in late November. Why can’t they just open the damn stores at a normal time? Take away the isolated deals, and does anyone really try to get all their shopping in on that Friday, especially now with the Internet?

Anyway, this year I didn’t see anything that amazing. I don’t have a Best Buy within a few hours of me, so I have no idea what is on sale there. But most of the places seem to be pushing out stuff I don’t really want like no name Plasma television for under $1k, or a digital picture frame for $80. Then of course there is the free computers if I sign up for Vonage or something for a year. The one exception I noticed was Wal-Mart selling a 42† Panasonic Plasma for under $1k, and the set actually got a lot of good reviews on Amazon.

But, I already have 5 televisions in my house, 2 of them HD (3 if you count the Cinema Display monitor). I thought about getting my kid a plasma for upstairs, but he never remembers to turn the TV off, and it would piss me off if he burnt in a plasma. So, he can go another year on his regular Sony Wega.

I think tomorrow I’ll take him out and go see the new James Bond film. That seems to be something him and I can agree on for entertainment.

And to all my friends who read this, have a good Thanksgiving weekend with your family.
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