Behold The Greatest Blog of All-Time

I have made some small changed to my blog over the past month. I changed the name from to, I added some cool features, and now I have done a complete re-design.   Here is an overview of the new blog.

I’m still using WordPress, but I’m now on version 2.04.   I’m using a 3-column K2 theme, with a custom header.   The header was made by an artist, Andrei Bouzikov who I think did an awesome job.   The template was made by Russ Wittmann, who is a master of all things XHTML.  

I’m using a few plug ins:

Akismet to keep out the spam.
Flickr RSS to show my pictures
Google Sitemaps Creator to help get the site crawled and indexed quickly
Extended Live Search to give me a cool internal search engine
Related Posts, but I haven’t quite got that working yet
Simple Tags to help with Technorati
Tiger Admin to make the admin look and feel a little nicer

I’m also working on getting my YouTube RSS in like my Fickr pics.   I had this last time, but I need some help getting that working again.

I’m going to add some more cool stuff to this, and probably make a few simple design tweaks, but I would say it’s about 85% there.

I like the new theme a lot.   And it’s a lot more flexible than Squible.   I have also had people comment that it’s a lot easier to navigate.

And just to be clear, that is supposed to be Sen. Stevens in the header ranting about the Internet tubes.

Let me know what you think.


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