Jet Edge officially delivered an amazing custom Bombardier Global Express to its new owner during an intimate ceremony at Jet Edge’s new headquarters in Van Nuys, Calif. The custom Bombardier Global Express was completely reworked from top to bottom, as well as inside and out, which makes it the most expensive refurbished Global Express in the world. Now, want to hear the best part? Jet Edge will be offering the plane for charter soon. People are already signing up to fly in the new plane, including one of the greatest basketball players and one of the top three richest people in the world.

John Lyon, a contributor for Robb Report, was granted the opportunity to take a tour of the plane after it received its remarkable makeover. According to Lyon,  the stunning galley is the first thing you notice, as its shiny appliances and glittering glassware catch your eye perfectly. The mood lighting system that is capable of illuminating the three different zones of the jet to a particular time of fay sets the effects of the plane. Jet Edge reports the mood lighting system is available on a few Bombardier models, however, it is the first of its kind to retrofitted onto a Global Express.

Once onboard, you are greeted by a black-and-white toned cabin, which was completed by West Star Aviation. The look puts off very modern vibes, while also retaining a sense of timelessness. Lyon adds he felt “a tinge of sympathy for whoever has to clean all of the glossy and chrome surfaces.” The seats are equipped with full lumbar support and all custom furnished. The seat contains white leather fronts, with black velvet backs and even a combo that carries over to the pillows that were made from extra material from the seats.

The jet consists of three sections: the galley and crew rest area, the main lounge, and an aft section that can serve as a private lounge or be converted into a king-size berth. A 42-inch TV is attached to the bulkhead in the main lounge, rather than within the credenza its actually mounted above. In addition to the TVs, sound system, and cabin entertainment system, the plane is also equipped with Wi-Fi. The custom Bombardier Global Express uses the ground-based GoGo Advance L5 4Gsystem for domestic wireless internet and the Honeywell’s JetWave satellite-based Internet, which can deliver true broadband speeds, for international travel.

“This plane represents the level of clientele we attract here and how we do everything from cradle to grave,” says Jet Edge CEO Bill Papariella, “We sourced the plane, we sold the plane, we helped negotiate the refurb on the plane, we brought it and delivered it, and now we’re going to operate it.”

The Global Express is available for charter with a rate of $8,000 per hour. For example, the average price for a flight from L.A. to London costs roughly$200,000— although you are capable of taking 12 people and berth six. If you are interested in booking a flight, contact Jet Edge’s booking team at [email protected].

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