To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famed Steve McQueen movie “Bullitt,” Ford launched a revised Bullitt Edition Mustang. The 2019 Bullitt will be featured in either green or black paint with a six-speed manual and an abundancy of performance treats. The Bullitt might just be the best Mustang you can buy without a Shelby badge – and probably the coolest way to spend $50,000 on a car guaranteed to grab attention.

The movie “Bullitt” was released in 1968 and since provided  Ford an excuse to launch a new Mustang every 5-10 years. CNBC reports that the Mustang Bullitt is a homage to the film’s police officer, Frank Bullitt, who famously drove a 1968 Ford Mustang GT. This year, the 2019 Bullitt features a 475-horsepower engine, capable of reaching 163 mph.

Ford made a few adjusts to further sell the image, including ditching its pony logos to use Bullitt badges. As mentioned before, the choice of lovely Dark Highland Green paint is part of the package, in addition to slick black wheels and a  pool-ball shifter for the six-speed manual transmission.

The Ford 2019 Mustang Bullitt also offers magnetic suspension, which uses iron filings in the dampers that respond to electromagnets coiled around them and can adjust its stiffness 1,000 times per second when traveling around corners to keep the car flat and stable.

Now let’s get to the interior of the car. The badge mentioned earlier is present on the steering wheel, while the emblem also appears on the rear decklid. The rest of the interior is what most anticipated, and there wasn’t any surprises. Two gages for the oil pressure are present at the top of the center stack, in addition to a vacuum pressure with the 12-inch digital instrument cluster located there as well.

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