The ability to customize an item is a huge component in the watch industry for quite some time and there several small companies that offer the ability to customize. Bamford Watch Department is commonly known for customization, and even went into an official partnership with LVMH to customize timepieces made by group brands TAG Heuer and Zenith.

For many people, they seek the perfect watch rather than trying to pick the best one and adding a few additional details to make it ‘perfect.’ Although, some do enjoy taking an item that almost appears perfect and adding the last detail to fully perfectionate the piece.

Rolex is frequently the subject of desire regarding customization. Bamford and several other companies began their careers in the service of customizing Rolex models. Customers requested added on items such as diamonds, color coatings, dial wording and straps. Label Noir, however, is stepping the customization industry up by offering the first commercialized Rolex tourbillon in history.

An anonymous client of Label Noir desires to add a tourbillion to a Rolex Milgauss model. According to Forbes, the movement wasn’t replaced, instead the component assembly was added to the watch’s existing Rolex Caliber 3131.

The movements original regulating organ was replaced with the tourbillon to configure the customized watch. In total, 51 pieces were removed, two were modified and 94 were added in. The movement’s frequency also changed from 4 Hz to 3 Hz for the tourbillon to adjust properly.

The original watch use to be all-stainless steel, but now the watch is black thanks to ADLC coating. The size remains the same while the dial and hands are still the originals. The dial did change slightly, although it is the same piece. The words “Label Noir” are written under the original Rolex wording. The dial was also modified for color and now contains a “window” at 6 o’clock to enable views of the to-second tourbillon.

If you are also interested in personalizing your best watch, Label Noir claims waiting time is about three months. The price? You can expect to pay around 125,000 Swiss francs for the service.

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