Ferrari FF Auctioned for Japan Earthquake Relief

Ferrari did their part for earthquake relief efforts in Japan by auctioning off their brand new model, the Ferrari FF for a whopping $724,000.

The Ferrari FF, which stands for Ferrari Four, is a ground breaking vehicle for Ferrari as it is the companies first four-wheel drive vehicle and is made to allow traditional Ferrari like performance in non-traditional environment like snow and rain.   Along with being four-wheel drive, the FF is also one of the few Ferrari to come in a four seat grand tourer.

The big event was organized by Ferrari to provide not only financial relief, but reenforce exposure to the need for further relief efforts.   The full $724,000 will be donated to the city of of Ishinomaki to further their efforts to rebuild.

Even Luca di Montezemolo, the Chairman of Ferrari was in attendance and presented the amazing car to the winner, Tokyo based architect, Masaharu Seno.

Also in attendance were Japanese Minister of Industry, Banri Kaieda and Italian ambassador to Japan, Vincenzo Petrone.

Masaharu Seno should enjoy his new toy, which can hit 208 mph, with it’s 6/3 L V12 engine, and go from 0 – 60 in 3.5 seconds.   The Ferrari FF has the largest capacity Ferrari engine ever produced.

The disaster in Japan was horrible to witness, even from afar.   I can’t think of a more fun way to help the country.   Congrats Mr. Seno, and to Ferrari for making such a generous contribution.  I have to admit that I’m surprised how much a Japanese  architect  can spend on a car.  But then again, I  imagine architects are going to be high demand as the city rebuilds.  So maybe Mr. Seno is just planning on getting a lot of work in the near future.

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