Fennec Fox as a Pet

The Fennec Fox is the smallest (and probably the cutest) of the wild canine family. The Fennec is native mainly to the Sahara desert in North Africa and the Saudi Peninsula in Saudi Arabia as well as some neighboring contires.

The Fennec Fox is small and adorable. They are usually very petite except for their enormous ears. The weight of a full-size, mature Fennec is in between 2-4 pounds and will stand about 8-10 inches at the shoulder.

The Fennec Fox is the only species of fox which can properly be kept as pet. Fennec foxes cannot be considered domesticated, like a cat or dog, but a tame wild animal. Instinctual behaviors, like hiding food, can make the Fennec Fox a difficult pet to care for. Fennec Foxes can be litter-trained but are not easily housebroken.

Fennec Foxes living in a domestic setting are extremely social. They are usually very friendly towards members of the household including other pets. This little guy is extremely active and playful so they need an outlet for their extra energy. They are curious and will explore everything. They are a nocturnal species and tend to be more active at night, although they can adapt somewhat to their owner’s schedule.

Keep in mind that these cute canines are fast and agile. They are known for their remarkable jumping and digging ability. Outdoor enclosures need special attention if they are going to hold a Fennec Fox. Digging and climbing needs to be prevented. The Fennec Fox has a natural instinct to chase and can easily escape a leash or harness. Once escaped, a fennec fox may never be recaptured.

The Fennec fox is quick and very quite so a collar with a bell is a good idea. This will (hopefully) prevent the Fennec from wandering underneath your feet without your knowledge. A Fennec fox can be kept in a kennel or a large ferret cage. This will provide the Fennec with a place to call “home” whenever there isn’t anyone to supervise.

Fennec Foxes are naturally omnivorous. They mainly get their meat and protein from insects and small rodents along with plants and fruit for hydration. Common sources of food for a pet fennec include: dog food, cat food, raw meat, vegetables and fruit.

The fennec fox is a very clean breed and are said to have very little odor. Their coat is soft and thick with very short hair. The underside of the fennec is white with a reddish or tawny color on the back. There may be some black markings on the back or tail.

If you are considering owning a fennec be sure you will legally be allowed to keep one. Owning a fennec varies by jurisdiction, as with many exotic pets. Also, not all veterinarians will treat them because they are considered an exotic pet. They usually require medical care and attention similar to a dog which can include regular vaccinations against standard canine diseases.

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