Federal Express Truck Accident Lawyers

I was talking to a friend today about attorneys who specifically handle truck accidents.   It ends up that this is a substantial business for some attorneys. Some of these trucking companies are so often sued, there are actually attorneys who sometimes specialize in not only trucking accidents, and accidents caused by trucks, but specific trucking companies.

Is there a Federal Express truck accident attorney, or law firm out there?   Federal Express most have thousands of trucks on the road at any given time.   It would make sense that FedEx is one of the biggest truck companies in the world.   I’m sure they have occasional accidents.

I also can’t help but wonder about UHaul.   Does UHual get sued a lot?   I mean, it’s not like they are hiring these drivers.   I have driven a Uhaul, and I’m certain I was a threat to every citizen on the road at that point.   But let me know if anyone knows about this Federal Express truck accident lawyer thing.



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