Facebook Inches in Status Trend

Facebook may just be the new Myspace. It seems like every time I login to facebook I am forced to thread through dozens of irrelevant posts. I don’t really care that someone invited me to play Cityville or that planking has somehow made a comeback.  The latest Facebook trend is women putting inches in their Facebook status.

So what is the inches in facebook status trend? Well women are actually posting their shoe size i.e. 6 followed by the inches sign “ and then an unhappy face 🙁 after. So my status might read something like 8” :(. Of course this only gives men and anyone else who doesn’t know the meaning behind it the wrong idea.

What is with all the women on Facebook thinking it is proper to confuse all the men by putting random things in their status like the color of their bra? And I know the rumor going around is that this is all to raise awareness for breast cancer. How exactly does that work? I do not see how putting the size of my feet in inches raises breast cancer awareness. Who comes up with these things?

These trends are driving me crazy. They are hard to keep up with. I think it’s time for men to make their own trend.


  1. wtf does the minutes mean the ex. (7 1/2 inches and 15 minutes) or (8 inches and 1hr tops)
    whats the time limit part???

  2. there is new trend by the way, and rumors are the same “it’s about breast cancer awereness”. the newest trend is as stupid as shoe size. you should write a fruit and how long you haven’t been eating that fruit. but in Turkey (because of I’m Turkish, I see how a stupidity go so far), stupid girls writing everything instead of fruit. One of them something like “I haven’t ate yoghurt since 6 weeks” So how does help raise awereness? And yes those stupid trends drive me crazy, too.

    p.s. forgive me if I have grammar mistakes 🙂

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