Everyone is Switching to Mac!!!

In a recent interview, Pat Gelsinger, General Manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group announced his switch to Mac in what he described as crossing “the religious boundary†.   Welcome to the holy land Pat!
He went on to say that he also purchased Parallels Desktop to run Windows.   Which by the way is a great idea, especially since Parallels just announced the new version will let you share Windows with a Boot Camp install and allow you to drag and drop to each others desktops.  

This goes along with a great recent article in CIO magazine where John Halamka, CIO of the Harvard Medical School and CareGroup, tested OS X against Windows and Linux for enterprise use.   His discovery was that OS X provided a better experience.   He cited his main reasons as:

1.  Ã‚     The Macbook he used didn’t crash once in the full 30 days he used it for the trail.

2.  Ã‚     No annoying spyware/anti-virus updates interfering with his work.

3.  Ã‚     Ease of user for IT to support through Apple Remote Desktop.

As a matter of fact, the only downsides he seemed to list came from Microsoft legacy issues, primarily the Exchange server.   I think if he further the test to include switching to Zimbra, he would be even happier with the switch over.

Half of USWeb is now on OS X, and I expect the other half to be switched over by end of Q1.   It will be great to have everyone on the same platform and start using more apps that work together seamlessly.
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  1. That’s because Macs are way better. My husband used to own a recording studio and used a hundred year old Mac and would run all day without freezing or crashing. I just wish my 2 year old computer would run Movie Maker for 20 minutes without freezing. I just wish I had the money to buy a Mac.

    Off topic, what’s up with the Blogitive blog? Do you still need me to write for it? I can’t log-in anymore. 🙁

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