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Clipper Ship Tie for Men on Etsy
Clipper Ship Tie for Men Found on Etsy

I have been known to surf Etsy from time to time. I can’t help it, I am a sucker for handmade, 100% unique items. I am also a big fan of Reretsy the  blog that makes fun of things people sell on etsy. It seems that some people are intentionally trying to get on Regretsy. I even saw one seller  advertising with ‘as seen on Regretsy’ while another posted ‘Regretsy here I come’. I wonder if that actually brings in the business. But I am not here  to make fun of anything I found on Etsy, I will leave that one to the pro’s over at Regretsy. Instead, I want to  show you the most bad-ass and probably the most expensive things you can buy on Etsy.

First up, this Steampuck helmet: it kind of looks like something out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre while also looking like a very unique bong. This thing  is bad-ass and I wouldn’t mind doing a little cave exploration myself with this thing on. I’d be protected from all the elements while looking like I  just crawled out of a Hellboy movie. Own it for a cool $7,000.

This is just what I have always wanted. I mega-giant chess set.  What I wouldn’t give to have one of these bad boys sitting in my front yard staring the neighbors down like yea, I’m just that cool. The king weight  4lbs and stands at approximately 16 inches tall. This set is available for only $849.

For the music fans out there we have this Keith Richard smashed guitar sculpture. Unfortunately the  maker isn’t selling this one but does have some other smashed guitar sculptures from artists like Johnny Cash and Jimmy Page ranging from around $400  to $10,000.

Swarovski embellished vodka bottles, oh yea. I love my vodka and I really do mean love. If these were bottles of Grey Goose instead of Absolut I would buy them in a heartbeat. Each  bottle is covered in over 5,000 genuine Swarovski crystals and each comes with a product ID that authenticates the cyrstals. The flavors included with  the set are plain, vanilla, rasberri, ruby red, mandarin and peppar. For the glitzy, glamorous bar, this set will set you back $6,600 while one bottle  is priced at $1,100.

Now this is the stuff dreams are made of: a hollowed out book safe for your Apple iPad. How I would have loved  one of these when I was in school. The teacher thinks I’m read the Illustrated Story of WWII but really I’m playing Angry Birds on my iPad. Ingenious!  Of course the seller has cut out books safes for all sorts of things like flasks or money but the iPad one is my favorite and at only $58.00 I can  afford to splurge.

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