Edwina Sanchez sinks her own vehicle

26-year old Edwina Sanchez and an unidentified 17-year old accomplice were arrested just the week before Christmas on charges of attempted first degree murder and second degree kidnapping. The charges stem from an alleged incident where the pair forcibly took 19-year old Michael White from Sanchez’ apartment and drove him to the area near Fort Collins Country Club. The pair parked the car and then proceeded to beat White and cut him. He managed to get away and called police from a neighboring home.

Whichever one of them that was driving had unknowingly parked on a frozen pond and ice apparently wasn’t thick enough to hold the weight. As they attempted to drive away, the ice broke and the car fell through into the pond. Sanchez and her partner managed to get out of the sinking car and fled the scene on foot, eventually getting a ride from a passing car back to town.

The car was found half in the water under the ice and half sticking up in the air and was recovered from the pond. Found nearby was a knife that police believe to have been used to cut White during the vicious attack. No reason for the attack on White has been released.

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