The Duchess of Carnegie Fights Eviction

Editta Sherman is a woman with some history.   At 96 it would be hard not to be, but Editta has a little more experience than most.   She has, for the past 50 years, lived above Carnegie Hall in New York City.   One would have a difficult time coming up with a better address for an artist.  

Editta Sherman, a well-known photographer has counted people like Marlon Brando as her neighbors.   And the best part is, she pays $650 per month for an incredible studio with skylights.  

Well it seems that the powers that be, always being evil, want to move the woman known as the Duchess of Carnegie.   I guess they think they can get more money for the place.   Of course this didn’t sit well with Editta.   And one can see why.   Editta Sherman has lived in this studio for over 50 years. She has pictures on her walls of herself with Andy Warhol, Henry Ford and Salvador Dali.  

Editta is not completely unreasonable.   She has said that she would take $10 million.   considering what the could get for that place now, it seems a little excessive, but they are trying to throw a 96-year old woman out of the only home she known since Frank Sinatra was the top star.  

Keep fighting Editta.   We’re rooting for you!  


  1. I think that Editta is being quite reasonable. If they want her home so badly they can pay her, otherwise they should let her be. It doesn’t surprise me though. Some greedy real estate developers closed down CBGB’s by hiking up the rent so high that it was impossible to pay. All so they could tear it down and build condos or something.

    I think that Editta would be a fascinating person to sit down with and have a good chat.

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