Dexter Final Episode 3

Last night closed the final chapter of season 3 of Showtime’s Dexter, and the episode did not disappoint.  

Dexter can be a complicated show.   I love the idea that Dexter’s father knew that his son would always be a killer, so he did what he could, he gave him a code.   He couldn’t teach the boy to feel, and he knew Dexter couldn’t control his urges.   So, he installed a code on the pretense of self-preservation, something a sociopath would understand well.  

But the show is also just fun when you want it to be.   Tonight Dexter served as a nice action fix while I wait for Jack Bauer to return to television in January.   In one episode, Dexter discovered the body of his best man (whom he killed), healed the brother of the victim of about 30 years of mental torment, managed to escape from, and then kill the most sought after serial killer in Miami, and then get married later that day.   Dexter is da man.

I’m looking forward to seeing Dexter return next season with the little bumps in the road they have already set up for him.  


  1. @Ed I love the books and I love the show. The show is just different enough to make me not know what’s coming next. The books are great, though! I can’t tell which I enjoy more! You?

  2. @Stephanie I never read the True Blood books. I think the show was good, but I would like to have seen better actors. Dexter has some really incredible talent. I’m looking forward to seeing next season.

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