The Raymarine Axiom app for unmanned aerial vehicles pairs with DJI Mavic Pro Drones to achieve an industry first: the ability to control a drone from a yacht’s helm through a multifunction device. Using the latest Lighthouse 3.6 OS update, the Axiom UAV app automates tasks without the need of being on the boat. Through the app and drone, tasks such as drone launch, airborne imaging, in-flight navigation and return to boat can all be accomplished.

There is even an application included for the technology called a “virtual tuna tower” which scouts for fish towards the boat. With its new dedicated fish finder, you can find fish before you get to the location. The app takes a video recording of a trophy fish being landed; and scouts chart locations ahead of arrival at a waypoint. The Axiom UAV app makes Mavic drones the ideal fishing partner. Although utilizing drones for fishing seems ‘unethical’ by some crowds, the tool is becoming popular among several.

Using the GPS navigation built-in, the Mavic Pro will fly to precise locations and begin hovering. By simply selecting a point on the map and pressing the UAV Goto command, the UAV will fly to waypoints or points of interest as well as the option of chart locations. There is also the option to send the drone on advanced reconnaissance missions by creating custom waypoints or routes. You can view live imagery on the Axiom screen while the Mavic Pro is flying or hovering around.

According to GearJunkie, the app allows for an easy capture during all the fast-paced action of landing fish. By activating the “Fish On” command, the app will instantly launch the UAV that will start recording video and automatically fly the camera around the boat. Operators have the chance to quickly set initial drone height and distance from their boats or they can fine-tune the UAV features such as altitude, orbit radius, orbit speed and camera angle.

Displays for users to watch the action in real time range in size from 7 inches on the smallest Axiom to 24 inches on the largest one. The images are saved to Mavic’s onboard memory card and the resolution varies for each model. Although resolutions vary, each model in the Axiom MFD family use LCD screens. The Axiom Pro and Axiom XL use the upgrades IPS display to enhance viewing during bright light conditions.

You can access the Axiom UAV app for free with the LightHouse 3.6 update capable of downloading directly to a Wi-Fi-enabled multifunction device.

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