The arrival of the Cirrus Aircraft SF50 Vision Jet is something completely new for the aviation industry. “This is a unique plane that fits a niche that’s never been met before,” says Paul Sallach, owner and chief flight instructor at All in Aviation.

The aircraft was certified in late 2016 and there are currently less than 70 operating in the world with a production waiting list of more than 600 owners. So why is the plane in such high demand? Until now, there was a major gap between single-engine piston-powered prop airplanes that might cost around $750,000 and a multi-million dollar jet that requires two pilots, carries 10 people and flies at an elevation of 45,000 feet.

“This new airplane is designed specifically to fill that void,” says Sallach. “It’s for the guy who just wants pressurization, a jet engine and twice the speed, but not at five times the cost.”

Fresh off the production line at Cirrus Aircraft, All In Aviation’s SF50 Jet will be delivered to Las Vegas in early December.

Aviation enthusiasts view the SF50 Vision Jet as the world’s first personal jet. It’s meant to be driven by the owner for private use and is ideal for family transportation, almost like a minivan in the skies. It holds seven seats — five for adults and two restricted to a weight of 75 pounds or less. The cruising speed reaches 300 KTAS (knots true airspeed) with an altitude up to 28,000 feet.

Cirrus Aircraft is a Minnesota-based company that’s known for its innovation, including the groundbreaking use of carbon fiber technology to make a fuselage both lighter and stronger as well as a unique V-tail design that reduces cabin noise. “In the single-engine prop-plane landscape, they’re the Tesla, the Apple, the ones pushing the envelope to come out with new features,” says Sallach.  

The company’s planes are famous for being standard-equipped with a parachute strong enough to carry the aircraft itself. “So if something bad happens, the whole plane floats down to the ground with all the occupants inside,” says Sallach. “You literally open the door and walk away.”

The feature is known as CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System). As it stands today, Cirrus Aircraft is the only company to provide anything like it in the commercial marketplace. “Imagine if you sold a car that didn’t come with airbags,” Sallach continues. “In my mind, why would you fly an airplane that doesn’t have a parachute? It’s a safety feature that every airplane should have.”

Interior of the Cirrus Aircraft SF50 Vision Jet, which will be available for flight lessons at All In Aviation in Las Vegas this winter.

All In Aviation is a flight school in Southern Nevada — with operations at the North Las Vegas Airport and Henderson Executive Airport — and an exclusive partner with Cirrus Aircraft. The company doesn’t charter planes, but will rent them and provide hands-on training. “If you’re looking for an airplane where you just sit in the back and (wait to) get there, we’re not the provider for that,” explains Sallach. “We’re for the guy who wants to get in and actually experience flying a jet.”

However, if someone wants to buy a plane, All In Aviation is a preferred sales partner with Cirrus Aircraft and will work between customers and factory sales reps to help arrange a transaction.

All In Aviation is excited about adding the SF50 to its fleet and will be the first flight school in the southwest to offer it for rent and training. The plane is being leased from Jon Kinney, a Las Vegas-based entrepreneur and private pilot who bought the aircraft in a sale brokered by All In Aviation. The team will “break it in” for about three months to master the aircraft, which will be offered to the public in December.

“Our typical customer is somebody who calculates what their time is worth,” says Sallach. “If you want to get to Palm Springs… in this jet, it will take you 30 minutes. It’s (for) a business person who’s trying to get deals done in regional locations or people who want to get away without the hassle of commercial travel.”

The SF50 is a groundbreaking private jet that opens the door to new levels of luxury, convenience and affordability. Paul Sallach puts it best: “It’s a type of freedom that most people don’t even realize exists”

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