Camper & Nicholsons List Sherakhan Yacht for $50 Million

Everyone dreams of sailing off into the sunset, but you rarely get the details of the dream   Do you intend on seeing to issues like jibs and pulleys while trying to escape all the problems of the world?   Maybe a sail boat is not the best solution.  But do you really want to hang out with fat tourists who are cruising on a boat more for for the all-you-can eat (and vomit) buffet than to experience the wonders of travel?   Then we can rule out cruise ships too.   Let’s face it, the only way to cruise off into the sunset is with your very own yacht.  

And since you might feel like a bit of a tool sitting on a yacht alone with a 5 person crew to run the entire ship, you should bring some friends along.   Well with the Sherakhan yacht, you, and 25 of your friends can cruise off into the sunset while enjoying a soak in the 26 person hot tub.

Camper and Nicholons is listing the Sherakhan mega-yacht for about $50 million.   Built originally as a commercial cruiser back in 1965 by Vuyk en Zonen, this swank nautical party house was refitted in 2008, brining it up to date with most contemporary features, along with some non-traditional perks.

Along with the 26 person hot tub, the master suite features a large, revolving bed; presumably so people can rotate on and off during your more interesting cruises.

The ship also includes a white grand piano, fireplace, sauna, massage room, library, and even a beauty salon.   That’s right, you can pick up a masseuse, librarian and beautician all in one walk through the ship, and then go hang out next a fireplace while being serenaded by the piano.   Oh, and that hot tub… it has a glass bottom, so people below can witness all the underwater shenanigans.  This yacht is so hip, it even has it’s own website.  But it’s not on Twitter yet; I mean it’s cool, but it was born in the 60’s.

This James Bond/Hugh Hefner lifestyle can be yours for $50 million, not including the women and piano player.   Or, you can charter this beauty for a week of fun in the sun for $500,000 per week.   It’s a big ship, so maybe you and a friend can go half.   And remember, what happens on the high seas, stay on the high seas.   Or, “dead men tell no tales”.   Wait…that was a bit creepy, wasn’t it?


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