The Bugatti Sang Bleu

Bugatti released the last special-edition Veyrons before the reveal the successor.   The new super-car, the Sang Bleu, was revealed at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.   The model celebrates Bugatti’s 100th anniversary, and wow, what a way to celebrate.

Only 300 Veyrons are planned for production, and Bugatti has already built 250 of them, each a special edition.   The Pur Sang, the Hermes, the San Noir, the four L’Edition Centennaire, and the Centenaire Bleu are among the elite special addition vehicles.

If you’re looking to spend an obscene amount of money on one of the coolest carts in history, you may want to grab one of the very few Bugatti San Bleu limited editions before some Sultan buys them all.

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