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I just launched the newest product for Blogitive, the Blogitive Directory Network (BDN). The original Blogitive concept was to push out new releases to bloggers, like a press release to the press, and pay the blogger is they wrote a relevant article based on the release and linked back to the client.

The model has been incredibly effective, but we were having some issues with clients not liking the idea of putting their brand in the hands of the general masses of the blogosphere. We also spent a lot of time in quality assurance on the postings. Of course when you offer the opportunity to make money by posting to a blog, there are going to be people who take advantage of that by setting up a ton of blogs and then doing the bare minimum postings to get paid.

Then of course you have the people who complain that getting paid $5 to make a blog posting is not enough money. Considering that when I first started contacting bloggers about doing this the most common response was skepticism (why would someone pay you to blog about them?), it’s amazing how far this has come.

I have come to believe that i I somehow set up a model where people who sent me a postcard would get $1 sent to them for each postcard, I would have people complaining that they had to pay the .20 postage on top of the .20 for the post card. And of course I would have the people who just cut up grocery store bags, address, stamp and send them off to me in quantities of thousands. It’s difficult dealing with the masses.

But BDN takes care of a lot of these issues. By letting the company put together their own directory profile, they maintain control over their brand. By letting bloggers dictate the price they can charge for their directory, this lets them make more money if their blog is truly worth it. Not a bad idea for someone who never got their MBA.

To see an example of what a directory looks like, you can check out my directory here.

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