Benefits of Private Jet Charter

Most people have never considered using a private jet charter for their personal or business travel.   However, this mode of transportation is growing more popular due to the convenience and flexibility that it offers.   The widespread belief that private jet charters are only for the rich and famous is slowing fading.   The following benefits of traveling by private jet charter are some of the reasons that this way to travel is quickly becoming a favorite for many.

One of the frustrating parts of traveling by commercial airlines is actually getting to the airport.   Depending on the time of the flight, traffic may be congested, and you are stressed before you even get to the parking deck.   Parking is not always convenient at airports, and parking areas quickly fill up during peak travel times.   Sometimes you have to carry luggage great distances.   With most private jet charters, the service includes a driver picking you up at home.   You can leave the driving to someone else, and you won’t need to worry about finding a parking space once you get to the airport.

With the stringent security checks at airports, traveling by a commercial airline can mean having to get to the airport at least two hours before your flight is scheduled to leave.   This translates into quite a bit of time wasted at the airport waiting for your flight.   Private jet charter security checks require only a quick check, so you can arrive at the airport much closer to your scheduled departure time.

Many private jet charters allow you to drive up close to the airplane for boarding.   You won’t need to wait in the long lines that commercial airlines are known for.   Your luggage goes straight from your car to the airplane.   This dramatically reduces the changes that your luggage will be damaged, and your luggage will not be lost.

Traveling by private jet charter offers you great flexibility.   Most airports around the world accommodate private jets, so you will be able to travel to anywhere you like.   You will not need to arrange your schedule around the commercial airlines’ travel times because you can choose what time you want to travel.   Private jet charters can also be reserved with little notice or placed on standby.

Many pets become dehydrated and are treated roughly on commercial airline flights. Travelers with pets do not need to worry about how their pet is being treated on private jet charters.   Your pet will be in the passenger area with you on these flights.

The cost of a private jet charter keeps most people from even thinking about traveling this way.   There are some ways to decrease the cost of traveling on a private jet charter.   If you are traveling with a group of people, divide the cost of the flight among all the passengers.   Even if the cost per person is still more than a commercial airline ticket, the convenience and time you save will be well worth the price.   Check into traveling on a private jet charter that is traveling to a pick up destination with no passengers.   Some private jet charters will offer you a discounted rate for these flights rather than flying with no paying customers.


  1. Yeah you are right.Wouldn’t many people rather travel like this?

    * A flight that departs on YOUR schedule
    * No airport or carrier delays
    * A private jet perfectly sized to accommodate you and your entire group
    * One go-to person who handles all arrangements for your flight
    * A relaxing travel experience, knowing you’re being taken care of by the best operators and crew available

  2. I recently purchased a membership with a company called CogoJets. This business model is RIGHT ON TIME! What they do is allow me to share flights with other members. We basically pay by the # of seats we occupy. My first shared flight, a one way trip from Scottsdale, AZ-Dallas, TX would of normally cost me approx. $10500 depending on which operator gave me the best deal that day. I had 2 other Cogo members with me and get this, we each paid around $3500 each for the trip. Now, if you fly private, you know that that is an amazing price. I was always used to having the whole jet to myself but after seeing my savings on just this one trip, I will share all trips all the time!!! Get this, my membership was only $500 ( i think the regular price is $2500/annually). Seeing that I’m a member, I’m trying to get as many more as possible. My bottom line will thank me for it!

  3. Hi BT, what you are referring to is called an "Empty Legs" service and you should not be paying anything extra for that so not sure how CogoJets are charging you for it. I use a company called Eurojets http://www.eurojets.comwhich provide that service for free although I normally just use they´re regular charter service.

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