BASF SE is the world’s largest chemical producer, with sales of nearly $80 billion per year. Based in Germany with ventures in more than eighty countries around the world, BASF now confirms that it will be one of the first companies to use Elementum’s Orchestration Platform.

Elementum, a supply chain and SaaS company that develops applications for logistics, operations, procurement and fulfillment, is behind the Orchestration Platform. The company began in California in 2012. The Orchestration Platform is designed to utilize large quantities of data and drive action across large supply chain enterprises. Rather than work reactively, the platform uses data to be proactive and put out fires before they ever happen. The Orchestration Platform is able to find potential problems, assess the risks with those problems, and then prioritize those problems to allow teams to focus on what is important. Perhaps most importantly, it facilitates collaboration to ensure products are received at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost and in the right quantity.

The Orchestration Platform itself is power by the Elementum Product Graph, which is a product that allows for global supply chains to be digitally mapped. The product graphs  data from Enterprise Resource Planning systems, data lakes and their external supply chain partners. With that data, it is able to quickly see interdependencies that exist between different parts of the supply chain and find the quickest to a solution. Currently, the Elementum Orchestration Platform analyzes over 800,000 supply chains across the globe, has more than $600 billion worth of goods flowing through the platform, and tracks more than ten million shipments annually.

The platform is best summarized by Elementum CEO Nadir Mikhail: “The Elementum Orchestration Platform is the culmination of five intense years of efforts to modernize the global supply chain. Imagine orchestrating thousands of suppliers, factories, truck drivers and distribution centers towards a common goal: getting products to customers quickly, consistently and efficiently.”

BASF is excited to employ the new platform and sees the advantages it has to offer. In particular, BASF is eager to track its products anywhere in the world. Within its $80 billion of sales each year, the company handles more than 6.5 million deliveries in all forms of transport. With all elements of the supply chain present, BASF Chief Digital Officer Frithjof Netzer reiterated the advantage the platform will give them: “With the help of Elementum’s platform, we gain end-to-end transparency of shipment status and the ability to take action so that we can identify problems, mitigate risks, and better serve our customers.”

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