Baseball Begins

Michael had his first little league game of the season. He is on the Cardinals. He did well, but they did not win. They lost 8 – 13. But on the up side, he did bat himself onto base each time, which is more than can be said for most of them.

We tried to get him to play catcher last year, which I think is the coolest position of the game. He started to get better, but seemed to lose interest. He never stays interested in a sport very long, which is the same problem I had.

Most of the sports he has played have not really been well suited for him. He is not very athletic. He can hit the ball well, but he is not a runner. I think a large part of the problem is motivation. He really wants to play football, which I’m not too thrilled about, but he will do that this year. Last year he couldn’t play because he was “too big” for the team. I found it interesting that they didn’t have a min. size limit for football, but they did have a maximum. That rule goes out the window this year because he is in the school leagues, not the wimpy pop warner league.

I should really be spending more time with him on this stuff, but I was never really that into mainstream sports myself. I was never in a school long enough to really get into sports. And when I did, I went for these weird sports like fencing, boxing and water polo. That’s right, I said water polo. Which means there is a picture somewhere out there of me in a speedo.

He did do very well in his karate classes. That was something I could get into. The sparring competitions were great. I think that winning first place against hundreds of other kids in sparring was his proudest moment. In a rather contradictory story, he also won a silver medal for figure skating. He was in hockey at the time, so I’m okay with that. It’s funny that at 7 he had more trophies than I ever had.

I think I’ll pick up a glove to play some catch with him today. He claims he needs a new bat anyway. Then we are off to see Ice Age 2.

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