Barack is the new Tom

In a short video on his official exploratory committee website, Barack Obama announced that after his speech tomorrow (where he is expected to announce his run for president), a site will be set up where supporters can have their own profiles, communicate and help fundraise.

Creating a sort of MySpace for voters is an interesting approach.   It will be interesting to see the impact of allowing people to donate money, or possible even shop through connected affiliate programs, will raise.   This will be an exciting election even from just a pure technology standpoint.
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  1. it is amazing to me how anytime you have a well spoken intelligent black man who is highly educated and knows what direction he is going is considered an uncle tom as a black man myself iam sick and tired of people with their stereo typical views that all black people are homeboys or rappers or gangster this to me not only shows the stupidy of people but the racist thinking they have if we are going to go down that road then i guess if you see a hispanic or a italian or a jewish or any other culture who is educated then lets start labeling them with the old stereo type thinking about them and i remember quite a few about them wake up people this is the twenty first century

  2. Steve,

    You sound like a real dumbass. First, the “Tom” I’m referring to is Tom from MySpace, the guy you have as an instant friend. I’m not sure why you think anyone is mentioning Uncle Tom, other than the fact you’re stupid.

    Second, learn to write properly. What is “a jewish”.

    Seriously, just lose my URL and move on with your life.

  3. ED, I stand corrected, I meant a JEW and as far as being a dumbass, I found an asshole who got upset over my little comment. As far as loosing your URL… I will put it and your story in file 13 or better yet FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET and your comments with it. Stupidity is not the word for you, I,ll just call you ASSHOLE!!!!!

  4. Steve,

    I guess you only feel you stand corrected on your poor english skills, not your reckless accusation of racism. You have gone from calling me a bigot to calling me an asshole. With your complete ignorance, lack of good judgement and poor writing skills, one can only imagine what (if any) employment you have found for yourself. Don’t just lose my URL, do the world a favor and stay off the Web.

    And since Senator Obama is someone who is campaigning partially on the stance that there is lack of empathy in the world, you may want to refrain from dragging his name into your racist attacks. Perhaps you can have someone read his book to you and possibly learn something. I for one geniuly support Senator Obama’s run for the presidency. I am a member of the local Obama campaign organization, and I have pledged to raise $10,000 in campaign contributions. I’m guess your support is limited to browsing blogs for you to make an ass out of yourself. Mission accomplished!

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