AT&T ( Cingular ) Edge service down for iPhone

Most of my time with the iPhone has been spent at home, with the luxury of a nice WiFi connection.   The few times I have ventured out with my new toy has resulted in pretty big dissapointments.   It seems that AT&T (formerly Cingular) cannot keep their Edge service working.   This makes the iPhone much less effective.  

The two biggest issues about Edge being down is mail and Visual Voicemail.   Neither of which can work with no Edge service.

I can understand that AT&T is going to have some problems.   I had a Blackberry Pearl before the iPhone, and I didn’t use the Internet 1/10 of the amount I use it now from my phone.   And they picked up a couple hundred thousand new subscribers in a weekend.   This added to the fact that they made a bit of an upgrade to Edge service all leads to potential issues.

But I’m guessing that AT&T billing department is unaffected by this, and they will of course bill us all the full price for this month.

Anyone else having this issue?   Has anyone called AT&T yet?   Let me know.

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  1. I’m just north of Chicago, and have a blackberry pearl w/ cingular service. right around the time the iphone launched, my service started dropping calls and failing to even make calls.

    cingular blamed my phone, but my wife and about 10 other people i’ve talked to in my town are having the exact same trouble. and everyone of them have been having the problem since around the time of the iphone launch.

    when i told them this, cingular just says “i’m sorry” and “we’re looking into it” and “it should be fixed in about 2 hours” (this comment was told to me about 48 hours ago).

    it’s ironic that cingular pulled in all these extra subscribers with the iphone launch, and will inadvertantly loose a ton because of this crappy service.

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