Aston Martin Triton

Aston Martin is at it again.  Just a few weeks ago, Aston Martin made news with its Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept, a vertical takeoff and landing vehicle.  Known for their luxurious cars, it seemed that Aston Martin was trying to break its way into the flight industry.  Now, it seems they are also entering into the “underwater” industry with the Triton x Aston Martin Project Neptune Submarine.

Aston Martin is producing the new submarine in collaboration with Triton Submarines LLC, a state-of-the-art manufacturer of submersibles.  Triton Submarines LLC is based out of Vero Beach, Florida and is the most experienced civil submersible manufacturer in the world.  The initiative, formally known as Project Neptune, initially began in September of 2017 when the collaboration between the two companies was announced.  Since that time, they have already completed the design phase and have moved towards the end goal of production.

The design features many qualities characteristic of the Aston Martin brand.  First off, it utilizes the iconic Aston Martin wings, which seamlessly encapsulate performance, beauty, and elegance.  In order to earn the signature trident, the submersible must offer a 360-degree view to its passengers while also establishing safety and reliability, which it does. The final design features complex and detail-oriented techniques from both Aston Martin and Triton Submarines.

In May of this year, the two companies were able to agree upon a final technical design for the submersible. In whole, the design allows for the submarine to dive to a depth of 500 meters with a capacity for three people-two passengers and a pilot. The submarine also allows for a top speed of five knots and a run time of eight hours.  On the inside, Aston Martin’s style glows.  The in-house design team fitted the interior with hand-stitched leather accompanied by an exquisite carbon-fiber trim.  Three different designer specifications are available for the interior as well.  These schemes combine different colors and trims, which accentuate both the luxurious and maritime characteristics.

Marek Reichman, the Chief Creative Officer and an Executive Vice President at Aston Martin said that “the exterior design of Project Neptune owes a lot to the pursuit of performance. As with the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the hyper-car we are developing with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, we have afforded as much attention to the hydrodynamics of the underside as we have the visible surfaces. Some of that detail may never be seen, but its effect will certainly be felt.”

The submarine will also allow for further customization, via Aston Martin’s bespoke service, Q, for both interior and exterior features on its release. Deliveries for the submarine are expected to begin early next year.

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