Are Eggs Good or Bad For You?

So many studies send mixed messages as to whether or not eggs are healthy additions to one’s diet or not.   One study suggested eggs assist in weight loss efforts, while another might assert that eggs are linked to Diabetes, type II.   Some assertions argue that eggs are a fantastic, low calorie source of protein, and other assertions argue that too many eggs are bad for one’s cholesterol levels.   Good or bad: if eaten moderately, you should be fine.

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  1. Eggs are a horrible source of protein. Protein is completely over-rated and you can get more than your daily needs as long as you’re at least eating. All animal products are bad for you, moderate or not. Is it okay to “moderately” do drugs? If you want moderate results, eat a moderately good diet. If you want extraordinary results, you may have to do something extraordinary. Look into Raw Veganism or Fruitarianism. Recommended read: 80-10-10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham.

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