Apple Defeats Samsung with iPhone X Plus

Samsung had quite a scare recently with the possibility to end the line of the Samsung  phablets. The new Galaxy S10 had several leaks leading to Samsung’s disruptive future. The leaked information suggests that an under-performing Galaxy Note 9 could be the last of the Note series to reach the market. What seemed to be a rough start for the Galaxy Note 9 and the South Korean company has further become a product with a steady audience just as the new iPhone launched at the same time the phablet hit the retail shelves.

When the Galaxy Note series began it was seen as a trailblazing hardware with several features Apple did not currently possess. Some include, the large almost tablet size screen, a new peripheral and a new focus. While Apple was sporting a 3.5-inch screen for their iPhone, Samsung was using a 5.3-inch screen which seemed gigantic at the time.

Now the Note 9 has emerged and has left room for Apple to squeeze in some improvements for their new iOS handsets as well as the upcoming iPhone X Plus, iPhone X, and iPhone 9. The key components of the Note 9 are expected to be completely countered as the iPhone family releases another top of the range iPhone X Plus.

Some major features from the Samsung Note 9 include the all-day battery, 512 GB of storage, also adding in the potential for another 512 GB through the microSD expansion slot, a handset for gaming, free full-frontal glass display, and the S-Pen stylus.

Apple has also had a massive leak on the new iPhone upgrades revealing five new things to be on the lookout for. According to TrendForce the new trio of iPhones plan to upgrade storage and memory while providing cheaper pricing. There is even going to be a party trick from Apple.

The ‘party trick’ is Apple’s new design with OLED models allowing both the iPhone X Plus and the iPhone X to be compatible with the Apple Pencil. As smartphone displays continue to grow larger the potential for the Apple Pencil also increases. The Apple Pencil can easily enhance your overall experience with a very large display.

The iPhone 9 is completely excluded from these upgrades for the Apple Pencil and the storage within the phones, but performance of the iPhone 9 isn’t too shabby. TrendForce states that Apple will be joining Samsung in the project to increase the top end storage. The iPhones will now return back to three storage tiers after last year reducing them to just two storage features. The three tiers will be 64GB, 256GB, and the most storage at 512GB.

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