Need a barber in Las Vegas

I had planed on getting a haircut and shave today at a full service barber.   I stumbled across American Male and thought that looked promising.   I emailed them this morning, but after not hearing from them for over three hours, I decided to call.


I was trying to book an appointment, but when I mentioned that I wanted the Executive package, that became impossible.   They were too booked to do the time for that package.  

But the deal breaker came when I found out that they don’t do shaves!   The woman on the phone mentioned that you have to be a licensed barer to do shaves.   So I don’t know what that makes the people at American Male, I guess just stylist or what every they have at Supercuts.  

So since I couldn’t get the full package, and they didn’t offer shaves, I just decided to cancel the whole thing.   I’m looking for a good barber shop now, but all I can come up with is Art of Shaving, and Truefitt and Hill.   I have been to Art of Shaving a few times, but was unhappy when they lost my appointment for last New Years.   I guess I can try out Truefitt’s, but it’s in the Forum Shops at Caesars, which is a bit of a pain in the ass to get to.  

Does anyone know a good barber for men in Las Vegas?

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